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Where Have I Been

Where Have I Been Are ^^^^^^^these^^^^^^^flowers not gawgeous???????  I mean, seriously.  I guess I should’ve found a pic of March Flowers since they are out and about this month.  Oh, how I love them.  My sister calls them Jonquils, cause she is so fancy and all.  This is a little snippet of Where Have I …

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New Family Member

Here is our New Family Member.  Living in the middle of nowhere, close to the “bottoms”, there are a lot of strays.  We take them in and de-tick them.  Then, we feed/water them.  Lastly, we always look for their owners. We have successes and we have failures. Francis (pit mix) showed up on our patio about …

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Humbled Yet Thankful

Humbled Yet Thankful.  Other than the smell of fresh poop, this morning (thanks Sadie)….my morning has started off well.  I slept very well last night, and that was much needed. After yesterdays events I was on edge and ready to throw my hands up and say….”I’m DONE”!  B came home and allowed me to leave …

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Another Day Another Story

Another Day Another Story.  My morning started with a bang and extreme anger.  At night, the dogs are kenneled in the garage.  The 2 little dogs are usually pretty quiet, but when my other dog gets wind of something going on, Sadie CONSTANTLY barks. Often, I can tune that out. Loudness Continued Off I go …

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