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Who Needs a Sled and Snow

Who Needs a Sled and Snow?  Welcome to the redneck way of sledding!  Beautiful blue skies, a sloped sidewalk, 2 dump trucks, and my boys!  Look at the fun they are having!  I love it and I love the fact that they do not sit in the house, playing the Wii, on computers, on those …

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Look Closely

Funniest Picture Ever This is one of my FAVORITE pictures.  Look Closely.  Little Man had been home for about 5 mths.  The boys were teaching him the ropes of swimming.  Then, they decided to “layout” for a tan 🙂  Honestly, I get tickled every time I look at this picture. Adoption:  Swimming:  Brothers Check out …

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Boo are you Kidding Me

Boo are you Kidding Me? This is a typical day in our home.  I cannot believe I even deal with this kind of stuff.  Raising boys versus raising girls is like night and day. Boo:  “Mom, I found another snake!” Me:  “You are NOT keeping it in your room.” Boo:  “Why?  It isn’t poisonous, I think …

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Raising Boys and Raising Girls

Here are my random thoughts on Raising Boys and Raising Girls. Raising Boys They are cute.  Yet, they smell like beef and cheese or candy.  Honestly, they give great hugs. Their toy collection consists of cars and guns.  They can run through the house and touch all the light fixtures.  Oh, and they can swing on the …

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