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Uncontrollable Crying

Uncontrollable Crying:  so here’s your weird Lyme fact for the day!
It didn’t happen often but two days while at school I got texts that said:

“Mom – please come to get me immediately. For some reason, I need to cry and I cannot hold it back any longer.” “I’m afraid I’m going to start sobbing in front of everyone.”

It also happened two times at night while at home.  There was no real reason for, it at the time.  I just assumed she had hit a rough spot and was simply exhausted from the battle.

She says now she felt silly because she had no reason to be sobbing.  Yet, she couldn’t stop.  I asked permission to share this as it is super personal.  Callie’s response is to share everything, even the ugly if it helps someone else.


Uncontrollable Crying


These are NOT Stretch Marks

These are NOT Stretch Marks.
These are Bartonella marks a co-infection of Chronic Lyme Disease.

Many people that have Lyme think they have stretch marks but actually, they are Bartonella marks.  Barts is an especially nasty one.

Barts has MANY symptoms including:
Unexplained fevers
Anxiety/Panic attacks
Severe rage
Muscle tremors
Memory loss
Polyps around major organs
Intravascular disease
Eye disorders and vision loss
Sharp frontal headaches
Weight gain

Swollen lymph nodes
Muscle weakness
Brain fog
And many more…

Thanks to Bartonella our Callie fainted for six years.  Six years of no driving, no swimming alone, no participating is normal teenage things that might cause her harm.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Callie had proper testing early so we could have fixed his before she missed so much “normal”?

These are NOT Stretch Marks

Now it is Time to Freak Out

Profound Fatigue

Profound Fatigue…I know we are all tired, all the time haha. But…
Lyme is extreme fatigue.
Callie fell asleep every day in the school parking lot coming home.  After soccer games, she was out the second she got into the car.  Insomnia?  Nope.  Lymsomnia.  Yes, it is a thing.
Ironically, getting up in the morning isn’t just hard because you are a sleepy head.  It feels impossible to get up and sadly, takes every bit of you to get up and get moving.
On school mornings Cal ate her breakfast laying down.  She put on makeup and fixed her hair, laying in the bed. She often fell asleep riding to school, as well.
On a good note, she’s not even tempted to skip college classes because she’s so thankful to be able to go now.  There is no more profound fatigue.  In short, she has been healed.  It is an amazing thing to not suffer from exhaustion.

Profound Fatigue




Insomnia or as Callie used to call it Lymsomnia is a very common symptom of Lyme disease.
Before treatment insomnia kept Callie up all night anywhere from 2-4 nights per week.

That fact adds up over several years.  Erik and I took turns sitting up with her so she didn’t feel alone.  Sadly, this is why we have so many wrinkles haha!

If you are reading this and these things sound familiar, do not ask your doctor for a Lyme test.  This will likely come back negative.  This is one of the reasons so many people are slipping through the cracks.  Also, not getting a proper diagnosis.

The test most doctors use is completely ineffective.  There is one test and only one reliable lab in the country.  Igenex Labs.



What IS Lyme Disease

What IS Lyme Disease

What IS Lyme Disease?  Borrelia:  A tick-borne illness that can cause fatigue, flu-like symptoms, and the bulls-eye rash.  This is only one part of Lyme Disease.  There are about a billion other things that are comorbid with this disease.

It is a corkscrew-shaped bacteria that gets all up in there and “screws” into place.  This makes it incredibly hard to get rid of because of that shape.

I mean, look at that list above.  ALS!  MS!  Alzheimer’s!  Lupus!  Bi-Polar Disorder!  There are so many more.  I’m so thankful where the Lord led us.

As we chose to follow His path, Callie was healed through non-typical methods.  Step out of your box.  Color outside the lines.  Be the patient who does not settle for a blanket diagnosis.  Find the root of your illness.  You can do this because you are capable and strong.

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Wordless Wednesday Lyme Edition

Wordless Wednesday Lyme Edition

Wordless Wednesday Lyme Edition and this one *cracked* me up.  Callie has been healed.  Yet, this is meme is a true story, most times!  God’s healing is an amazing thing.  Callie Rae is a warrior.  Lyme Disease may not show up with a run of the mill test.  You have to be very purposeful with your requests and questions with your regular physician.  It isn’t that they do not care.  Sadly, it is just that they may not know.

Knowing What To Ask

For example, the local doctors tested my mom. The results were negative.  Then, she went to a place in Florida.  She was in shock when they told her she had 3 strains of Lyme.  This explained EVERYTHING that she has been suffering for the last several years.  This is actually very serious, but the Wordless Wednesday Lyme Edition meme really is funny.

God’s Healing

Amazingly enough, this is the same clinic that Callie went to for her treatment.  Lyme finally shut down once detected.  My mom and Callie Rae are now healed from all that they have been afflicted with.  How amazing is that, my friends.  I am not a huge Oprah fan, but this meme is perfect for Wordless Wednesday Lyme Edition.

Heeding Wisdom

I have known Callie since she was in utero. Quite literally because her mom and I were pregnant together.  In seeing and hearing her walk through this trial, has been difficult.  On the flip side, had she not walked down this path, our family would not be where we are.  For instance, through this horrific mess and her pain, she led us to the person that has helped Hunter.

Please heed her wisdom and her story.  Also, our story.  This does not mean you have to go to Florida to be healed.  God is the Healer.  However, you need to know what questions to ask and where you need to be properly tested.  God is good…all the time and all the time, God is good.

What About Our Children

What About Our Children?  Yes, it’s true. Lyme can be the cause of these issues in children.

Again, I can’t say it enough, you do not have to be bitten by a tick.  Ironically, most Lyme is congenital and passed from birth parents.

Some parents show few symptoms.  Also, some parents may not show any symptoms. However, that will not keep it from being passed onto your child.  Sadly, this can become a possible issue.

Lyme and Your Child

What About Our Children

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More On Babesia

Lyme’s “little buddy” Babesia can cause neck pain.

Callie had a bit of relief with massages, acupuncture, chiropractic care, heat, ice, meds.  Anything else we could think of but it never fully went away.

Always a nagging pain that would flare each month.  This was to the point she could not hold up her head.

Do you have neck or back pain, not from an injury?

It could be our little buddy Babs?

Babesia Information

More On Babesia

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Depression is a beast and it walks with Lyme Disease, as well.  As if feeling physically bad isn’t enough, Lyme affects you mentally as well.  God’s healing is amazing and knowledge is power.  You have the knowledge, now be brave and talk to your doctor!

For example, mood swings, depression, and rages for no real reason.

Schizophrenia can often be due to Lyme.

Lyme can dig in anywhere in your body including your brain.

Please, if you or someone you love is struggling with depression…call:

Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours every day

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Things that Bite

These are not Stretch Marks

How Many of These Diagnoses Do You Have

How Many of These diagnoses Do You Have?  Again, four years, we wasted…nine doctors and multiple misdiagnoses.  As a matter of fact, we have spent thousands of dollars and I mean THOUSANDS spent on treatments and medications.

The list in this picture is just a partial list of possible diseases that are actually Lyme.

We value each of the nine doctors and did their treatments.  These treatments range from vasovagal syncope, chronic fatigue, gluten intolerance, and fibromyalgia.

All in all, four years wasted we could have been attacking.  Please, do not be fooled.

However, we love and value our medical friends.  Not to mention, these doctors are not educated properly about Lyme disease and its co-infections.

For example, the list of doctors for Callie included specialists at Vanderbilt and Kosair’s.  Amazingly, they simply don’t know about it.

Again, being bitten by a tick and having the tell-tale bullseye rash is not the only way to contract Lyme.  It can be passed to you in other ways.

Co-Morbid Lyme Symptoms

How Many of These Diagnoses Do You Have

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