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My Take on Alice’s Chicken

My Take on Alice’s Chicken This is My Take on Alice’s Chicken.  I ate this, for the first time, at Outback (I think).  Seriously was some good food.  So, since I was craving it, I thought I would figure it out.  Now, bear in mind, that I have 5000 children.  It would take FOREVER to …

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Baked Chicken and Ranch Recipe

Baked Chicken and Ranch Recipe.  This is not a great picture, but the family had already eaten the other 2 pans of chicken.  I did my best!  Big Daddy raved and raved over this chicken claiming it was the “best chicken” he has ever put in his mouth.  This chicken and my mashed potatoes became …

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Mama’s Old Fashioned Tacos

Mama’s Old Fashioned Tacos.  My Martha would make this, as we could afford when we were children.  The memories attached to this dish are even better than the actual dish.  It floods back family, food, togetherness.  One of my favorite recipes EVER. Mama’s Old Fashioned Tacos 2 lbs beef 1 lb ground pork (or sausage) …

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