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Leaving On a Jet Plane

Leaving On a Jet Plane to DISNEYWORLD!!!  After a full year, Hunter’s Make a Wish is finally here!  What a process this has been!  After our trip, I will detail the process, from start to finish.  Tonight…I just sit and think.  I think about all the things that are undone.  There is still a small load of dirty clothes.  Also, Hunter got wet but did not get a scrub bath.  Oh, then there is the “is it liquid or not” conundrum.  I am sitting looking at my kids’ boxes (for their keepsakes) and all I notice is that 2 lids aren’t on perfectly.

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Big Daddy is working on his bag at 10:39 pm.  I’m thinking about the dishes in the sink, getting video/pictures, and do I wear jeans or leggings on the plane?  Oh, one of the kids puked…is it nerves or a bug?  Will he be sick on the plane, get everyone sick…what if it rains the whole time we are there?  Seriously, my mind is swirling.

Over the course of the week, I got myself and 5 kids packed.  Luckily, my big girls can pack for themselves LOL.  In a stroke of genius and Marie Kondo-ing luggage, we were able to get them all packed in a backpack.  Yay!  I have a HUGE tote bag and a weekender.  Big Daddy has a duffel bag.  Our “checked bag” is full of just extra things and liquids LOL.  We are also checking an empty bag for souvenirs, per the advice of many other Make a Wish families!

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I am very thankful that my son-in-law is staying at our house.  You know, I am all about safety!  Also, my dear friend is coming to take care of my animals during the day.  I have all the bases covered!

For now, I channel God’s grace on this trip.  I am putting my OCD in a bottle and am going to physically *try* to let it all go.  It is hard to not focus on why we are there, sometimes.  I will not do that, this week!  We are not going to stress and we are going to have a great time!

Prayers are TRULY appreciated!


What Does CHAOS Stand For

What Does CHAOS Stand For?






I do not know if it is because my life, for the last month and a half, has been CONSUMED with baseball or if the last few marbles that reside in my head are slowly falling out…I just don’t know.  Life has been nuts and the summer is halfway over and I don’t even feel like I’ve had a moment to stop and enjoy it.  I haven’t been in the pool….at all.  Sadness.

DC Moment

Our vacation to DC was amazing.  It was 10 days of togetherness and we didn’t kill each other.  That is a huge plus.  There were moments.  You can’t be a large family and not have moments.  I’m not going to lie…I almost threw one or two kids out of our vehicle, but it was a short lived moment and we all ended up surviving.

Life Happens

Once we were home, life hit us square between the eyes.  An issue that emerged, before our trip, had to be confronted and dealt with.  The blow of this issue caused my health to flip flop around and I ended up with bronchitis and a double ear infection.  I was slow pressed to do anything.  My cousin passed away, unexpectedly.

My Lady

A few days after that, my Lady had a couple of strokes.  I stayed with her as much as possible during the time that she was in the hospital.  In between hospital stays/runs/visits, we had a minimum of 4 baseball games a week.  One boy plays in one county and another boy plays in another county.

Another Dog

Let’s add in we got another dog (gasp), but the dog was going to be put down because A) he is old B) he is blind C) he is toothless.  All that added up to the fact that he needed me and I needed him.  He hadn’t been home a week when one child decided to take him out and in the process broke his leg…I was at *you guessed it* baseball when it happened.

We took him to the vet, the next day, and the bill was going to be WAY more than what we can afford.  We were prepared to put him down.  I explained to the vet how the dog came to live with us and our family situation.  His kindness began to shine and he did the needed surgery for free.  We have still paid out way more than we are comfortable with, but he wrote off a huge amount.

Looking Up and Looking Down

My Lady finally came home and I go over probably more than I should LOL.  I like to take care of her and I love to glean all knowledge out of her head!  She brings me joy.  Let’s add into this fun with one child getting strep throat and then a couple of weeks later contracting a bug.  A car died…completely and totally.


One girl got a job for the summer and it is her car that died.  Sigh.

One girl got a new job where she is driving more.  Panic.

A broken window…thanks to boys and said baseball.

A leaky roof.

Broken gutters (that are brand new).

A fridge that has leaked so bad (no, we didn’t know) that it has RUINED my floor.  A kitchen sink that leaks so bad, it ruined the cabinet and the other part of my floor.  A broken microwave door,

and a broken down truck….do you get the picture?

I’m going to blink and the summer is going to be over and I will have no school work ready.


Kids have gone to movies together.

The family has gone to baseball.

They have played in the rain.

Our garden is growing.

They swim until 9 pm.

We have planted/weeded/cleaned my Lady’s courtyard.

A friend and I are putting together an AWESOME mentoring meeting that we hope to spread across all local churches.

Kids sat in the laundry room floor and matched socks while giggling hysterically.


Hamburger/movie nights.

Lots of books being read.

Family get together.

Bible school.

Lessons learned.

Tears shed.

It has been CHAOS in my house.

Parts, I would not like to repeat.

I would love for a money tree to sprout in my backyard (I actually had one of those and it died.)

I’m glad baseball is ending next week (Boo won the whole thing and earned a gold ring with his team).  I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing during the month of July.  However, I do want to get my house cleaned.  Also, get people to fix the things that need to be fixed.  I want to repaint the laundry room (due to the water damage).  Finally, I need to get schoolwork put together so I can take that concern off my plate.

The older I get, the more time FLIES.  It is flying but I realize that we are getting closer to the Lord’s return.  When He returns, we will be in a new heaven with no more pain, no more sadness, no more water leaks, no more broken down vehicles, no more darkness…..O, what a GLORIOUS day!!!!!!

RIP Earl

RIP Earl.

Well, our frisky little Earl, whom we bought for Peach on our vacation, bit the dust yesterday.

He was an active little sucker till the end.  He was our own Houdini and he will be missed (cough, wink).

I knew something was amiss when I let him and Bob out of their cage for their afternoon exercise.   I found Earl’s leg…not attached to his body.

He was still moving around, so I just assumed that was normal (stupid thing to do).

While the kids were at Martha’s house, I grabbed the cage to feed/water Earl and Bob.  Well, I picked Earl up and his other leg fell off.

Once again, I thought this was normal (never had crabs before).

I turned the shell over and out came Earl….dead, smelly Earl.

In my sadness (insanity), I insisted that Big Daddy and I go to the ‘big’ town and get Peach another crab.

We did, his name is Ed and he is still alive.

I’m redoing their terrarium and had them sitting on the kitchen table and before I knew it, Bob fell off the table.  Those little suckers can book it.

All in all, they are both alive, for the time being.

R.I.P.  Earl

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