Busy Weekend

We had a Busy Weekend this weekend was filled with a youth lock-in on Friday night.  The big kids got back on Saturday.  Saturday was filled with referree-ing between the 3 tired kids (from the lock-in), 1 behaviorally challenged child, 1 sick child, 1 wild child, and my husband.  Praise be to God, that everyone …

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Guns Bulls Cops Amish OH MY

Guns Bulls Cops Amish OH MY.  Note to self:  What happens between Peach and Papa at the horse sale STAYS with Peach and Papa. Me to Peach:  “Are you behaving” Peach:  “Yes” Me to Peach:  “Is Papa behaving” Peach:  “No.” Me:  “What is he doing” Peach:  “Well, he got out his gun and was waving it …

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