Where Has it Gone?

Where Has it Gone?  You know, sitting here, listening to my kids so excited that I’m letting them swim…I wonder…where the time has gone? I have 5 kids, 5, 8, 8, 11 and almost 14.  My 4 younger ones are so lost in today.  They are looking at what adventures the day will hold.  They’ve …

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Day by Day

Day by Day and Moment by moment…He is our Sovereign God.  He is my Sustainer, my Protector and my Friend….when no one else is. I’ve been doing better, however, I still not quite pulled myself up by the bootstraps.  Amazingly, I’m seeing rays of light shining in. The Son is shining so brightly, that I can …

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Memories. Grief. Loss

Memories. Grief. Loss is a real thing.  Wow, my babies were adopted, officially, the beginning of this year.  We’ve had them for 2 years prior…we’ve had some significant issues with G (rages, RAD, depression, missing her biological family), but we’ve had none with my son. He was so young when he was removed, that he …

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I am Special.  A Revelation of Catfish. A Call to Action.

I am Special.  A Revelation of Catfish. A Call to Action.  We are not all called to adopt.  Adoption is HARD.  We are, all, called to do something.  That something may be to donate to another’s person’s adoption.  You could collect hygiene products, stuffed animals, or small things that could be given to a child …

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Lessons Learned from Gatlinburg

If you are standing under a tree, after a thunderstorm, and you shake said tree for effect, you will get wet. There are 31 CrackerBarrel’s in between Benton and Gatlinburg. Bug said 5,985,375,956 words ON THE TRIP DOWN THERE! Rats on the sidewalk do not constitute wildlife. When you see boxer briefs laying outside your …

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