Finally PROGRESS.  We are officially in Ethiopia.  Well, not physically.  However, our dossier is hanging out at the American Embassy in Ethiopia.  Next step, by this coming Monday, it will be translated.  After translation, we will get our referral!  One step closer to putting a face with a name.  The most exciting part is that I am …

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Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart.  Today, as I’m looking through blogs on families who have had their “gotcha” days… heart just aches. I’m so thankful to God for uniting these families and giving His precious children to their forever homes. Pondering I sit and think “when will I meet *my* son”? The fact is is that I love …

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Well not Much to Report

Well not Much to Report.  I’ve had to resend my financials for the 4th (hopefully final) time, I’m waiting on my passports because I have to send in a color copy of each. When One Forgets My home study agency had to resend my neglect forms to Frankfort….in the rush to get her precious baby, …

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Staying Busy

Staying Busy, I’ve faxed in my dossier for approval. If it is good, then I will mail the official set to them ASAP.  Amazingly, USCIS received my application.  We got our KSP, finally.  Thankfully, aren’t criminals LOL Dossier Info I found enough pictures to satisfy for picture layout for my dossier.  We got our account set up …

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I am One Tired Chickadee

I am One Tired Chickadee I am One Tired Chickadee.  I’ve been working on the house, trying to get it to where I don’t wince when the worker comes for our home visit. I *had* goals today, but alas I started doing something else. The leaf blower emerged.  It felt good to blow those leaves …

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