News from Ethiopia!

Here is the News from Ethiopia! Today, we had court and it was so nerve-wracking. There were lots of adoptive families and then there were beautiful, young girls giving up their children. It was hard to contain all my emotions. Seeing their strength just solidifies the love these people have for their children. I Have …

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News from Ethiopia from Brandi!!!

Here is some News from Ethiopia from Brandi!!!   Sunday night: We are here….it was a great (long) flight with no delays or layovers.  We met Jude, today and he is absolutely precious….heartwarming….sweet and HUGE!!!!!!!!!!  He is a stout little man.  We will be able to see him again tomorrow, court is Wednesday and then our …

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Humbled Yet Thankful

Humbled Yet Thankful.  Other than the smell of fresh poop, this morning (thanks Sadie)….my morning has started off well.  I slept very well last night, and that was much needed. After yesterdays events I was on edge and ready to throw my hands up and say….”I’m DONE”!  B came home and allowed me to leave …

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Another Day Another Story

Another Day Another Story.  My morning started with a bang and extreme anger.  At night, the dogs are kenneled in the garage.  The 2 little dogs are usually pretty quiet, but when my other dog gets wind of something going on, Sadie CONSTANTLY barks. Often, I can tune that out. Loudness Continued Off I go …

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Cutie Number 6

  Cutie Number 6 Cutie Number 6 he is nickname-free.  However, we’ll have to work on that. We think he is 3ish, will be 4ish when he comes to his forever home. The excitement…that word or emotion doesn’t even cover it. We are beyond thrilled! Our Cutie Number 6 looks like a chocolate Catfish LOL (according …

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We Have a Court Date

I cannot believe I am even uttering these words but We Have a Court Date!  Seriously, I cannot even fathom this concept.  This has been such a long adoption process! WE HAVE A COURT DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first thought is AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, my second thought is AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH and my final thought is God doesn’t work on timelines, …

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