Trying Hard

Trying Hard is the story of my life.  I got word that there would be some additional paperwork that needs to be notarized (blech) and sent with my dossier. It isn’t atrocious paperwork like I’ve been doing, but still.  I’m ready for this thing to be out of my hands.  It needs to be in the …

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Staying Busy

Staying Busy, I’ve faxed in my dossier for approval. If it is good, then I will mail the official set to them ASAP.  Amazingly, USCIS received my application.  We got our KSP, finally.  Thankfully, aren’t criminals LOL Dossier Info I found enough pictures to satisfy for picture layout for my dossier.  We got our account set up …

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I am One Tired Chickadee

I am One Tired Chickadee I am One Tired Chickadee.  I’ve been working on the house, trying to get it to where I don’t wince when the worker comes for our home visit. I *had* goals today, but alas I started doing something else. The leaf blower emerged.  It felt good to blow those leaves …

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Lots Accomplished in My Paper Pregnancy

Lots Accomplished in My Paper Pregnancy.  So much to do and it can be so overwhelming! Yesterday, I got Lots Accomplished! *I filled out more paperwork. *Dropped off the forms for the police dept. *Picked up my a copy of my water bill (why they need that is beyond me) *Went to DCBS and got …

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Got Them All

Got Them All, finally.  We went to my mom’s for a Feb/Mar birthday celebration.  While we were there, I picked up the rest of my birth certificates and my marriage certificate. *Phew* that little part is over. I sat last night and scoured the internet for grant programs.  Finally, I got all my applications (well …

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Ethiopian Adoption Snafu

Ethiopian Adoption Snafu.  Well, I finally received some of our birth certificates, but in the second order (yes, I had to have 2 separate orders because there are so many of us) ended up at Petter’s Business LOL…Luckily, my mom lives right there, and she is picking them up. The man called yesterday (albeit our …

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