The Experimental Egg

The Experimental Egg The Experimental Egg.  Peach is taking Biology with a Lab, this semester.  She enjoys experiments, but sadly, they don’t always turn out the way she needs them too. This experiment, however, exceeded our expectations!  She had placed a raw egg in a glass and cover it with vinegar.  That had to sit, …

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Amanda and Her Adoption Story

Amanda and Her Adoption Story.  This post was reblogged, with permission, from my sweet friend. May God continue to use your voice to educate others on adoption and living with RAD.  I’m blessed to walk down the path with you and beside you. Two years… Two years… Two years ago we brought Mikiyas and …

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Homeschooling at its Finest

Homeschooling at its Finest.  Books a Million is one of my favorite places.  I love going and looking through the education section.  It brings me joy, happiness….and a whole lot of other adjectives.  I found this box called the Big Box of Words.  There are several different variations for different aged children. As you can …

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Adoption Series Question Answer

Adoption Series Question Answer Here is the Adoption Series Question Answer that many people have asked me for.  I hope you enjoy and feel free to continue to ask questions. If you could nail down the top three reasons why you chose to adopt, what would they be? Jill K. We wanted boys and after …

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Happy 10th Birthday Catfish

Happy 10th Birthday Catfish. This boy is a…tree climbing, fish in the water, accident-prone, spaghetti loving (yes, he ate that entire bowl) math whiz. He is a headbutting hugger, sleeper, biking riding, stick-wielding, sword thrashing, dress up king. He is a child of the Lord. This child, not only, ate this adult sized spaghetti bowl, he had 2 pieces of …

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