A Spin on Plain Ol Green Beans

A Spin on Plain Ol Green Beans is just that, a small addition to a regular vegetable. It is nothing fancy, however, sometimes side dishes are boring.  Green beans with a little pizzazz. 2 bags frozen green beans (about 24 ozs.) Seasoning 1 small bag of sliced almonds 4 slices of bacon, cooked A splash …

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Cheesy Potato Chicken

Cooked, shredded chicken 6 Potatoes, cut in french fry style Seasoning 2 peppers, finely chopped 1/2 onion, finely chopped 2 c. sliced mushrooms fresh minced garlic butter 2 c. heavy cream 2 c. white cheese (I used smoked gouda and Havarti) Parsley Cheesy Potato Chicken Directions In a 13×9 greased dish, layer 3 potatoes (french …

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HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY BOO! I am now the parent of four teenagers! My sweet boy turned 13 at 4:00 pm today.  He loves baseball, basketball, riding bikes, and skateboarding.  Most days, he opens the doors for ladies.  His laugh is completely contagious. Honestly, he has a tender heart.  Also, he loves to climb trees and explore.  He wears …


Even a Moth Knows Him

Even a moth knows Him!

Even a Moth Knows Him.  This is one of the coolest things we have ever seen.  Several years ago, Bug was in her room and she found this moth! God is everywhere, all the time. It is such a neat thing to see His sweet love just sitting around in the oddest of places.

We have caught, kept, released many things.  Moths, bugs, snakes, animals…but this one takes the cake.  Sometimes, we need to see God’s goodness in the simplest form.  The rawest form, if you will.  In the busyness of life, we tend to overlook the extraordinary.

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Oh My Word Becky

Just the Dark Before the Morning

Just the Dark Before the Morning.  My morning is here.  Today, the pain and hurt of yesterday is gone. I choose joy.  This song carried me through some very dark times.  This was during our most difficult time with one of our children. Also, it was during our adoption journey with Jude.

Learning to Trust

I would listen to this every single time I would go to work.  It filled my soul and it gives me a sense of hope that I felt was diminishing.  Even when I listen to it now, I go back to 7 years ago during that season of my life.  The government had dictated how I live my life.  It told me to put my kids in school, go back to work, do XYZ, and then you could possibly bring your son home.

Seasons of Life

Through this time, however, I met some people in my life.  One person is still in my life and he is a dear friend that I completely treasure.  The other, well, she was there for a season.  What a beautiful season that was and I hold that time dear to my heart.  It is always Just the Dark Before the Morning.

Let’s Just Say that Someone is Interested in Your Daughter

Let’s Just Say that Someone is Interested in Your Daughter. He comes for dinner.  An unexpected guest.  He is a hugger…this you did not know.  Large, strange man hugging you. Weird. With great wonder, he comments on how *wonderful* and *large* your home is.  Then, there is a moment of “ma’am, may I please speak to you.” You sit …

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