Problem Solved with Picky Eaters

Problem Solved with Picky Eaters.  This is what worked for my family and me.  Do you have picky eaters?  Do you slave all day, cooking, only to find your children (or husband) making faces or saying your food smells while trying to hold back the gags?  If you do, then I am really really sorry. When …

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Adoption Life Foster Care Adoption

Adoption Life Foster Care Adoption.  What a morning.  What.  A.  Morning.  I have heard through the grapevine that my son, Catfish (8), has been asking questions about the “brown-haired lady.”  By grapevine, I mean one of my other children.  Collectively, we decided that today was the day (because tomorrow is therapy) to answer a few …

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Once a Month Cooking

I love to cook, so Once a Month Cooking is something I do often.  I have always loved to cook.  My mom and Granny were not “box” or “processed foods” people.  They were, from scratch, sweat-blood-tears kind of cooks.  I love that.  There aren’t many people that are like that, nowadays. I go through spurts. …

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1 Year Anniversary

1 Year Anniversary .  My boy has been home for 1 year, today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have so many emotions and thoughts that are swirling around in my head….but that story is for another day.  Today, we celebrate his life.  His birthfamily, his country and the fact that he is home.  We love him so very much …

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Christmas Parade

The Christmas Parade was tonight.  Also, it was our annual Christmas play and live Nativity.  I usually don’t attend parades because they are loud and they get on my nerves.  Doesn’t that just scream “I have Christmas spirit” to you? My kids wanted to participate and our church puts on the live Nativity, so I …

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Happy Birthday Bug

Happy Birthday Bug!  It is no secret, that I have 3 children “born in the heart” and 3 children “born under the heart.”  Each child has(d) their own issues, regardless of the “category” they fall under. Pregnancy With my oldest….her time when 0-1 yr.  Wow, oh wow, oh wow…It shocks me to this day that …

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On the Eve One of the Worst Days of My Life

On the Eve One of the Worst Days of My Life, I sit here.  Also, I listen to the giggles of a boy that I thought I would never raise.  What a blessed sound. February 2010 My story began years and years ago, but for the purpose of this blog, I will fast forward to …

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