To a Kitchen Near You

Coming Soon Cooking

Coming soon, Brandi cooking, all new recipes.

Due to Hunter’s food allergies, all things related to food has got to be changed to help him.

Hunter has some new diet restrictions, therefore life is changing.  I will be cooking:  Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Garlic Free, Nut Free

This is going to be a lot of trial and error because I know how to cook.  I’m good at cooking things.

Plus, I like to eat.  I do not, however, like to lick trees or eat grass.

I will do whatever it takes to help my boy.

God has led me to a place of peace and knowledge, but this is all new.

Learning how to cook again.

After 30 years, no more butter.

Bacon is teetering on the edge of the pirate plank.

Milk says goodbye.

Cheese is on vacation.

Gluten just said buh bye.

I have made cashew cheese (seems like an oxymoron, yet tastes like paste).

Smoothies have *finally* been mastered.  They comprise of bananas, strawberries, almond milk, ice cubes, peanut butter powder, power greens, and chlorophyll.

Gluten-free pizza with garlic free homemade pizza sauce and vegan cheese.  He loves it.  I, however, barfed in my mouth a bit.

Prayers appreciated.

Details are coming soon.

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Part 3: Meet My Okapi

As we were finishing up an “unconventional” treatment plan for our son, we decided to give our family a bit of respite.  When you have 11 people in your immediate, your feet are under my table for food, family….everyone is going in a different direction.  We have one struggling with depression, one planning her life, one who can’t keep her head above the waves, one who is ready to launch his lead, provide, protect mentality, one who…as the years go by….the deficit and valley gets larger and larger, one who is stepping into puberty, and one who can either walk or not walk based on any given day and circumstances.  Add that to a mentally exhausted mama, overworked daddy and a strained marriage…..we *all* needed new scenery.

5 days after my son’s treatment….this happened:

When you see your son walk, for the first time….unassisted….in MONTHS.

You CHOOSE to give God the glory because He is the only one who deserves it.

God is writing Hunter’s story.  He has been writing since before He created the Earth.

I just get to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the view.

He has all the provisions, in place, for Hunter and what he is dealing with and the all trials that he is currently going through.

God is good.  He is faithful.

Our family will heal……….our son WILL heal.


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We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Series For an Important Announcement

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My Boy is a Star!

Please head on over to LOCAL WPSD-TV 6 and see my boy show off his skills 🙂

You can also go to Hunter the Superhero on our fundraising site to see what is going on there.

We are raising money for his medical needs, that are ongoing.

You can also purchase this shirt from Kline’s Designs for $20.

  • Full body Theratog (insurance does not cover this)
  • 2 Wrist Theratogs (insurance does not cover this)
  • Handicap accessible bathroom
  • Daily Assistive Devices
  • Continued Treatment in FL (insurance does not cover this)
  • Mobility Dog
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Part 2: Have You Ever Tried to Nail Jello to a Wall?


It is *so* easy to praise God when all is good in the world.  When things are running smoothly and all things are moving and grooving in a good flow.

You and your family are sitting around a campfire singing Kumbaya…….

Then, you see your fire starting to go out and it is getting cold outside and you are frantically searching for anything and everything that you can burn to get that groove back.

Before you know it, a bird flies overhead and he pees on your ember.  Your flame is gone and you are sitting there…cold…in the dark.  You think it can’t get much worse but you have eaten that last s’more.  No heat, no light, no food…..doable, sucky, but doable.  Then the monsoon hits and you feel like you will never be out of this space and your fire will never come back.

That is how I have felt in this last year.  Our official clinical dx was made…there is not definitive test you can do, no amount of MRIs, LPs, blood work, X-rays, EEGs….nothing can officially say this is what you have…it is a combination of symptoms and what they equal up too.

Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome was 1 in 10 million….it may be more like 1 in a 100000 now, I’d have to look.  Once this dx took hold, I did TONS of research.  I joined a wonderful online support group and I received encouragement and a wealth of information.  We started high dose steroids, while hospitalized.  We also started our first, of many IVIG treatments.  The IVIG was done monthly.  Closely following coming home (in the hospital for about 12 days), we start Rituximab (a type of chemo).  The total on that was about 4 treatments.  Since those were not working, we moved to add in ACTH.  This is a dose shot that we gave him daily.  It is another type of steroid.  We did this for about 3 mths.  All this did was MAGNIFY his rages, insomnia, and severe OCD tendencies.  My sweet little boy was…………….not there anymore.  He was like a raging animal that constantly stayed in a fight or flight mode.

In that time, my frustration overwhelmed me, so I contacted an OMS specialist in LA.  She answered so many questions and her openness, honesty, forthrightness, and in my face wording helped me so very much.  I also, physically, took Hunter for a second opinion at yet another children’s hospital.  Dr. Lightner was a breath of fresh air, though I did not care for what all she said.  She felt that this was more progressive (she did not see the ocular flutter which, to her ruled out OMS).  She wanted to run all the tests all over again (which it had been a year and we were going to have to do that with his regular neuro anyway, so we allowed that).

All tests came back the same and while he was at the hospital, the ocular flutter reappeared which made her believe that it was OMS (confusing I know).  So, in the end, we felt confident in this “clinical” diagnosis.  She said, in her opinion, she would try the protocol again, but that is something I needed to discuss with our regular neuro, as she was just confirming a diagnosis.

In the medical field, a ZEBRA means a very unlikely diagnostic possibility. It comes from an old saying used in teaching medical students about how to think logically in regard to the differential diagnosis: ‘When you hear hoof beats, think of horses, not zebras.’  Hunter was not a horse, we THOUGHT he was a zebra……

Then, we discovered that he is NOT a zebra….he is an Okapi (incidently my all time favorite animal).  They are incredibly rare.

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Part 1: A Journey of Healing

I will be posting our story in little mini parts.  In these parts, I’m going to share the songs that have spoken to me, so very much, during this season of my life.  Also, my theme Scripture that does *not* escape me.  Also note, that I will only be talking about this last leg of our journey, as we stepped out of our finite “reasonable” box and stepped into infinite faith.
This is all very hard to explain without sounding like I live on another planet, so just trust that God is good even when we don’t understand, even if this is possibly temporary, even when it sounds impossible.  With Christ, all things are possible.
HOPE….the Lord has added to this post, but here is a taste of what the Lord has been showing me.
Several years ago, my friend shared the story of her daughter’s journey with Lyme disease and how this place…this whack-a-doo treatment and faith saved her daughter’s life.  She tried to explain it to me but I had no clue what she was even talking about, so I listened, asked questions, and rejoiced in her daughter’s healing.  I have mentioned this place to several friends, who struggle with some autoimmune issues, and I just put a bug in their ear and then I give them Les’ number LOL.  Take the middle man out of it.  I praise Jesus every January because that is when Les and her family stepped out on faith and tried something different than regular medicine.
When Hunter woke up from his nap on June 6, 2017, our lives changed forever.  You can read about the end of his journey OMS: The Rogue Zebra Has Been Caught .  Now, there are 3 other parts prior to that, if you want to know our beginning to this 3rd diagnosis.  Our first dx was from a local hospital.  In reality, a chigger should not EVER been seen there, but whatever…they dx’d Hunter with Strep, though he tested negative.  “Give him this antibiotics and he will be fine in 10 days.”
Uhm, did you get your degree from a Cracker Jack Box?
He cannot walk.
We left there and immediately drove to a children’s hospital out of state.  We stayed there for several hours and then we got the second dx.  They said he had Cerebellitis.  It is a common dx when a child presents with the symptoms that he presented with.  The dr said it would run its course (virus type thing) and he should be better in 10 day.
Yep.  That did not sit well with me.
So, we made some calls to a friend who worked for a Neuro, then another friend who has boatloads of experience with Neuros because her daughter has TM…we talked to our parents, my sister (Hunter’s gma)…and then we made the decision to take him to a different children’ hospital and see if that neuro agreed with the first neuro.
We came home, spent the night, and then I got up early with H and headed to another hospital, alone, truly thinking this neuro would agree with the last neuro.  Yep, that didn’t happen.
That was the beginning of our worst nightmare…………