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Memorial Day

I have always had the utmost respect and love for soldiers and their families.  I have been, personally, touched by family members and friends who have sacrificed to provide my family with the freedom that we have come to enjoy and frankly, take for granted.

This past week….it has been an honor and a privilege to walk along Arlington Cemetary to see all the people who gave their lives for our freedom.  Humbling.

We saw the changing of the guards.  Humbling.

We also were able to see the ceremony that takes place when the wreath is placed.  Humbling.

There was a funeral, taking place….the gun salute.  Humbling.

There were soldiers on black horses with their black carriage, carrying a soldier’s body.  Humbling.

It.  Was.  All.  Humbling.

When you see a veteran or someone who is active in the military.  Shake their hands.  Thank them.  When they are with their families.  Shake their hands too, and thank them as well.  The families sacrifice so very much.

Here are a few pictures from this trip.

Arlington1        IMG_20150521_115817001    IMG_20150521_122426121


Here’s to Wishing….


I was there.


From 1300 to 900

If I NEVER see another picture of a body of water, a bird, a boat, a rock, a road sign….anything, then I will be happy.

I am FINALLY done editing all these blasted vacation pictures.  I’m so sick of seeing them, I cannot even describe.

Yay me!



Kissing Big Daddy

Part of my bucket list was to kiss Big Daddy under a waterfall.

 I did.

It was windy and wet.

There was no picture until after the fact.

Check it off my list 🙂









American Falls


This was our view from the Skylon.  We went to the top floor for lunch and this is what we got to look at while we ate some wonderful food.


Trying to play catch up

I am going back through our 10 day vacation and I’m adding pictures.  Bear with me.  I will eventually get caught up.  I also plan on finishing a post that I have begun and stopped a dozen times about adoption.  I have pooled my resources of friends and when I get that all put together, I will be sure and post it!

Thanks for your patience!


This was taken at the very top of the Skylon tower.  It was windy 🙂  This is the Canadian side.  Sorry it isn’t edited but it may take me forever to edit 1300 pictures 🙂  As I get a fantastic one, I will post it 🙂


Day 10

We are home.

We had a wonderful time.

I remembered who I fell in love with, 21 years ago.

We laughed.

We cried.

We fussed.

We compromised.

We held hands.

We whined.

We ate.

We didn’t talk about kids, work, problems, school…nothing.

We people watched and snickered.

Amazingly wonderful trip with an amazingly wonderful man.

I am blessed beyond measure and beyond comprehension!



Day 9

We headed into Amish Country.

The place we chose, that we remember when we were going 20 years ago, is located in Holmes County, OH.

We ate at Boyd and Wurthman’s Diner.  It was locally owned and operated.  The food was delicious.

I got a few pictures, not many because the Amish do not want their picture taken.

I chose to respect that.

It was not as we remembered.  It has become very commercial.

We only shopped at locally owned stores and no “English run” businesses.

We went to Heini’s and we sampled about 20 different cheeses.  It was wonderful.

Excellent food.

We also got to see a covered bridge and a castle 🙂


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