Single Sided Deafness

My Ethiopian son has sensorineural hearing loss in his right ear. He is completely deaf. We have tried traditional hearing aids and finally decided on a magnetic BAHA hearing aid. This is our story.

Life Lessons Learned at the Barbershop

Life Lessons Learned at the Barbershop This past Saturday, I was sicker than a dog.  Nasty cold, lost voice, just felt like crap.  Yet, that doesn’t give me permission to not parent.  There are too many humans that I have created that need a gentle shove and food.  This day was no exception.  Jude had …

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Just Be Held

Just Be Held  I am, quite literally, having a come apart right now.  It has been a week, month, year…just a lot.  Here are the lyrics to this song. Just Be Held Hold it all together Everybody needs you strong But life hits you out of nowhere And barely leaves you holding on And when …

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Harsh Reality of Raising Kids with FASD

Harsh Reality of Raising Kids with FASD This is a tough post to write but so many thoughts on the Harsh Reality of Raising Kids with FASD is twirling through my head.  Also, both of these kids have Reactive Attachment Disorder.  Again, in FASD and RAD, they are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  It …

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All About Single-Sided Deafness

All About Single-Sided Deafness Here is the info All About Single-Sided Deafness.  According to Healthy Hearing, Single-Sided Deafness is “Living in the head shadow of single–sided deafness. …Single–sided deafness (SSD) is a condition in which a person has lost hearing in one ear, while he or she may have anywhere from normal hearing to profound hearing loss in the other.” A Small …

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Part 3 Welcome Home

  Part 3 Welcome Home.  My flesh screams and I’m hanging onto the armrests of my airplane seat.  I refuse to move.  This is my anniversary.  This is our planned TRIP.  We are not moving.  I do not want to stay.  Honestly, I would live in France, if I had too, but guess what?  I …

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Part 2 Uhm NO

Yesterday, I wrote the FIRST PART to my story…, the continuing saga 🙂   Part 2 Uhm NO.  Uhm, WHAT??????!!!!!!!!!!!!  Holland?   Uhm, no.  No thank you.   I know nothing and I do not have an itinerary.  Sadly, I do not have a place to stay, I don’t know where to eat, I know nothing.  NOTHING.  I …

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Part 1 Heading to Paris or Are We

Part 1 Heading to Paris or Are We Part 1 Heading to Paris or Are We?  Let’s all just take a moment and soak in the beauty of the David.  Michelangelo was a master in his craft.  I mean……God created this man and honed his craft to leave people like me, breathless.  I love art, …

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Welcome to Holland

Welcome to Holland is a poem that I have always loved.  It is a different way to look at things when life does not go as planned.  There are 4 of my 7 children who have special needs.  We have dealt with Dyslexia, learning disabilities, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Sensorineural Hearing Loss, and …

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Turning the Page of a Book to a New Chapter

Turning the Page of a Book to a New Chapter Turning the Page of a Book to a New Chapter.  Welcome to this new chapter.  I could’ve cropped this picture to show a close up of my baby’s beautiful smile, but when I saw his hands…I thought….nope, this is real life.  Behind that smile is …

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What a Ride It Has Been

What a Ride It Has Been

What a Ride It Has Been

What a Ride It Has Been.  We were so young when we got married.  Also, we were super young when we started having children.  Had we stopped at 3 kids, we would be empty-nesters right about now.  Wow.  That’s a thought!


Instead of being “about done,” we ended up with 4 more kids.  We didn’t just adopt more kids, we adopted 4 special needs kids.  Our kids need range from Learning disabilities to Dyslexia. Add in the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Reactive Attachment Disorder. Oh, and there is single-sided deafness and Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome.

Go Big or Go Home

Somedays, I wish I would just go home.  I know that is pathetic to say.  Realize that we didn’t set out to “save the world” by adopting these special needs kids.  Ironically, we had no idea anything was wrong when we chose them.  If I had to do it all over again…I would say yes.  I would say yes even knowing what I know now.  That is the beauty of love.

Are We Done?

There is the firm answering of this question.  The answer, right now, is no…we are done.  But then, there is God.  He tends to rock my world a little more than what I think I want it rocked.

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