Psalm 62

Psalm 62 1 I wait quietly before God,     for my victory comes from him. 2 He alone is my rock and my salvation,     my fortress where I will never be shaken. 3 So many enemies against one man— all of them trying to kill me. To them I’m just a broken-down wall or a tottering fence. 4 They plan …

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Psalm 58

Psalm 58 1 Justice—do you rulers know the meaning of the word?     Do you judge the people fairly? 2 No! You plot injustice in your hearts.     You spread violence throughout the land. 3 These wicked people are born sinners;     even from birth they have lied and gone their own way. 4 They spit venom like deadly snakes;     they are …

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Psalm 54 & Proverbs 23

Psalm 54 & Proverbs 23 All of Psalm 54 & Proverbs 23 are pretty straightforward.  There are some sections, amongst these verses that I will address.   so I will just let them speak for themselves!  Quite often, in Proverbs, you will see verses related to disciplining children. I would like to note that not all …

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Psalm 53 & Proverbs 22

Psalm 53 & Proverbs 22 These passages in Psalm 53 & Proverbs 22 talk about keeping your children close to the Lord and they will not stray. Psalm 53 1 Only fools say in their hearts,     “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and their actions are evil;     not one of them does good! 2 God looks …

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