Life or Something Like It

Life………or something like it.

Power of Intentional Forgiveness

Power of Intentional Forgiveness The Power of Intentional Forgiveness is something that is not lost on me.  Forgive is a verb or an action.  You are actively doing something.  It means to grant pardon for or absolve something; to cease to feel resentment against (as in an enemy).  I love the beauty of forgiveness. Forgiveness DOES …

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The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place This book.  Dangit.  The Hiding Place is a book that every human should read.  It is not a long book, about 16 chapters, and 269 pages.  Yet it is FILLED with glory, triumph, forgiveness, faith, destruction, abuse, poverty, illness, and HOPE. I have NEVER cried reading a book.  Furthermore, in my defense, …

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The Tattooist of Auschwitz

The Tattooist of Auschwitz This book, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, is based on the love story of Lale Sokolov and Gita.  I was not sure I would like this book.  Honestly, I am not a fiction type of girl.  In saying that, I do have a deep desire to learn more about the Holocaust.  It …

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Not Without My Daughter

Not Without My Daughter Oh, the Not Without My Daughter book and movie tears me up.  This book and movie came out, in my life, at a very pivotal time for our family.  It parallels some things that it is hard to explain without violating great privacy. That Being Said The movie and the book are quite …

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Medical Update

Medical Update Here is our current Medical Update.  We went for his 3-month neurology check-up yesterday.  So thankful that it is a closer drive and for the most part, uneventful.  Add that to it was an afternoon appointment and that meant home earlier. Thankfully, I had 1 freezer meal left from my massive freezer cooking …

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Update on Our School Situation

Update on Our School Situation Here is the Update on Our School Situation.  The kids have been in school for 2 weeks.  In those 2 weeks, I have done a whole lot of nothing.  I spot clean the house.  Supper is usually done by about 10 am because I can cook uninterrupted.  I pet the …

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Boss, Professional, and Judgy People

Boss, Professional, and Judgy People Once upon a time, there was a Boss, Professional, and Judgy People.  Well, there were a couple of more people in that group, but I shall refrain from speaking on that.  This past week has been riddled with my frustration with the human race.  I have zero tolerance right now …

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