Life or Something Like It

Life………or something like it.

Kamikaze Squirrels

Here is our story on the Kamikaze Squirrels.  I have worked A LOT this week… every day, in fact.  I’m not complaining.  However, just stating a fact.  The children have spent A LOT of time with Big Daddy (whom I adore). Enter:  Screams I called one evening, during my lunch break.  Big Daddy answers the …

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This is What Greeted Me This Morning

This is What Greeted Me This Morning So, This is What Greeted Me This Morning.  Got a phone call, last night, from our friends across the street.  I was snuggling up to Big Daddy, we (all of us) were having a movie night and enjoying “The Adventures in Babysitting” (with the assistance of our lovely …

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Another Day Another Story

Another Day Another Story.  My morning started with a bang and extreme anger.  At night, the dogs are kenneled in the garage.  The 2 little dogs are usually pretty quiet, but when my other dog gets wind of something going on, Sadie CONSTANTLY barks. Often, I can tune that out. Loudness Continued Off I go …

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Control Freaks Anonymous

Control Freaks Anonymous, I have arrived.  Okay, okay…I’m a recovering yeller.  I’ve gone through the classes, I have my certificate, my t-shirt, and I still contact my sponsor.  Sadly, I’ve been standing at the doorstep of a new class, Control Freak Anonymous. I like things the way I like them and I want them when I …

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Day by Day

Day by Day and Moment by moment…He is our Sovereign God.  He is my Sustainer, my Protector and my Friend….when no one else is. I’ve been doing better, however, I still not quite pulled myself up by the bootstraps.  Amazingly, I’m seeing rays of light shining in. The Son is shining so brightly, that I can …

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