Life or Something Like It

Life………or something like it.

Life As It Happens

Life As It Happens Slept. Got up. Cleaned house. Prayed a lot. Took Peach for drivers test. Didn’t have MY license, so had to come home. Went back to town to let Peach take her drivers test. Comforted a woman having a panic attack because the dentist hurt her. Groveled. Canceled two appointments. Sat at …

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20th Anniversary American Falls

20th Anniversary American Falls.  This was our view from the Skylon.  We went to the top floor for lunch.  This is what we got to look at while we ate some wonderful food.  Hands down, this was one of the best vacations Big Daddy and I have ever taken. Of all of our travels, this …

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20th Anniversary Trying to Play Catch Up

20th Anniversary Trying to Play Catch Up.  I am going back through our 10-day vacation and I’m adding pictures.  Bear with me.  I will eventually get caught up.  Also, I plan on finishing a post that I have begun.  I have started and stopped a dozen times about adoption.  I have pooled my resources of …

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20th Anniversary Day 10

20th Anniversary Day 10.  We are home.  Gracious, we had a wonderful time. I remembered who I fell in love with, 21 years ago.  We laughed and cried.  Also, we fussed and compromised.  We held hands, whined, and ate.  There were rules not to talk about kids, work, problems, school…nothing.  We people watched and snickered. Amazingly wonderful trip …

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Anniversary Trip Day 9

On our Anniversary Trip Day 9, we headed into Amish Country. The place we chose, that we remember when we were going 20 years ago, is located in Holmes County, OH. We ate at Boyd and Wurthman’s Diner.  It was locally owned and operated.  The food was delicious. I got a few pictures, not many because …

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