Kindergarten Agenda

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Please realize, this is what *I* teach my kids…..if they do not master a concept, we do it until they do, regardless of if they are in K or in 12th grade.  I have many kids with learning disabilities, so keep that in mind also.

  • Sight Words (Dolch word list)
  • Bob Books, beginning readers
  • Calendar and weather
  • Simple math (addition, subtraction)
  • Learning about different cultures (food, clothes, houses, family)
  • Community helpers (adding in field trips to those places)
  • Animal habitats (adding in field trips)
  • Continuing with rhyming
  • Reading poetry and writing poetry
  • Journaling….topic of the day (Prompts)
  • LOTS of reading
  • Basic spelling (Fry word list)
  • Creating sentences
  • Story Writing
  • Basic grammar beginning (noun, verb, adjective, conjuction, article)
  • Beginning punctuation
  • Tangrams
  • Counting up to 500 or above
  • Telling time
  • Leaf collections and learning about different types of trees
  • Continuing on our rote memorization from Preschool
  • Audio books

New School Year: New Outlook

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This year, I will have 1 married and graduated college; 1 will be a junior in college and preparing for her marriage; 1 junior, 1 senior, 2 in 6th grade, and a preschooler.

What on Earth??????!!!!!!!!!

I have been homeschooling for 18 years.

That does not even seem possible.  I’ve always been a semester at a time kind of chick and I never dreamed I would HS for this long.  Last year was tough, not gonna lie.  I was a slacker, but the kids did finish up their stuff.  Hunter was diagnosed with OMS in June 2017 and that just encompassed our lives.  This year, we are moving forward and being more aggressive (or back to normal, last year was just not normal).

Noah will still be working.  He will do the first half of this senor year as normal…he will take the ACT again.  Once that score gets to where it needs to be, the second half of his senior year will be done at Murray State University.  He will be doing Racer Academy online, while finishing up what I have for him.  Grayce will be tackling 10th grade.  She has hit a bit of a plateau in some areas.  She excels in others.  She has FASD, so we push as far as we can push, but we make sure she has life skills and the basics down.  We are looking into Job Corp or Cosmetology school for her, for her future.  Daniel should be in the 7th grade, but he is behind.  He is considered MMD (mild mental deficiency) and FASD. He is also dyslexic, so his has always been an uphill battle.  I have a curriculum for him, that is specific for kids with dyslexia.  I’m going to supplement that with a ton of history (his strength), some science, Bible, and he is pretty on target for his math.  It is getting tougher, so we will just really make sure he has downpat what he knows.  Jude is on target, so we will trudge forward and try to keep his emerging tween attitude at bay.  Hunter, I have some stuff for him, but his learning will all be memorization and lots of reading.  His memory is affected by OMS and he can’t hold a pencil, so writing is out of the question.  He will also have his 3 hr therapies, once a week.

I hope to get up the curriculum that I will be using, this year.  I also want to add in some freebie sites that we will be using or even free apps.  I have ideas swirling and twirling around in my brain…just got to get it all out on paper and then I can write about it.

Never a dull moment!


Preschool Agenda

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Gracious….it has been a LONG time since I’ve taught a preschooler!  I have sort of forgotten all that I had my kids do :/  Not only is my body getting older, but my brain is getting older, as well.

Add my forgetfulness to the fact that Hunter is behind and struggles with some cognitive delays because of his Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome, you have a mama who could possible stress the heck out.

Then, I remember that he is only 4.  I will not have him do kindergarten until he is 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 because of how his birthday falls.  If I “keep him back” for that year, it will be because of his condition.  I have to allot for that.  I also do not really believe in doing hardcore schooling until my child is in 1st grade, so there’s that.

For Hunter, we will be doing some rote memorization.  This includes:

  • His full name
  • Our names
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • The name of his siblings
  • His birthday
  • Counting to 100
  • Skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Cardinal numbers
  • What continent we live on
  • Our state and capital
  • The 7 continents
  • The 5 oceans
  • ABCs large and small
  • Days of the week
  • Months

We will also work on farm animals and sounds versus large animals and their sounds.  Colors, shapes, following 2-5 step directions.  We will read A LOT.  We will not, however, work on writing…simply because he cannot hold a pencil and it frustrates him.  We have a pencil weight and triangular shaped crayons, so we will do it, I just will not push it.  We will work on opposites and rhyming words.  We will have a calendar and we will do daily weather and Scripture.

We will do a lot of fine motor activities and he will be my only child who has ever done any work on the tablet.  I just don’t utilize those things very often.  We are very book oriented around here.  He will also be continuing with this weekly therapy sessions of OT, PT, and SLP.


Sample: Letter of Intent to Homeschool

Send your letter within 2 weeks of your local school beginning.  It is best to send it certified mail.  In my opinion, it is also a good option to meet with your local Pupil Personnel so they can see your face and you can see their face.  Get to know this person….they are not the enemy.  They have good intentions of protecting the children of the community.  I have established a relationship with our pupil personnel and she is a fine woman who does her job well.  Now, I’m not going to say that I would invite her to come and look at my curriculum/watch my schooling/check up on me every 5 seconds without a warrant 🙂  I would, however, invite her/him in for a coke and a chat.  These people are not the boogie men.  They are doing their job, albeit, sometimes zealously in some cases.  Every state is different.  I encourage you to get familiar with your states laws and requirements.


(Center and make look all pretty your school’s name)

Your name and address


Current date

Insert your schools name

Insert the name of your Pupil Personnel person

Address of local board of education



To Whom it May Concern:


This letter is to inform you of our intent to privately enroll our children in our home school for the 2018-2019 school year. Their names and date of birth are as follows:


Names of children and their DOB


Our Homeschool is (insert name of your homeschool) at (insert address).


This notice is pursuant to all applicable Kentucky Revised Statutes.

The school administration, on behalf of the students enrolled therein, expressly prohibit the release of any and all information contained in this notice, including directory information as defined in 20 U.S.C.§ 1232g (a) (5) (A), without the prior written consent of the parents of the students or of the students who have reached the age of majority. See 20 U.S.C. § 1232g (a) (5) (B).


Your name

Homeschooling, Operation get life together

Operation “Get Life Together”: Releasing Control

I have been homeschooling for a long time.  I mean a long, long, long, Long time….like really long.  I am a pretty strict homeschooling mom.  I have my list, according to the KY state standards, and we do not deviate.

We do cursive.

We do LOTS of reading (it is a love for all my kids).

We do LOTS of history (it is a love for all my kids).

We do the mandatory math (7th level of Hell according to all who reside in my house).

We do Bible.

We do Science.

We write.

We do Language, Grammar, Spelling……

We do it all.

My oldest two daughters and my oldest son were born under the heart.  Victoria was born talking our ear off….knowing her alphabet at 14 mths…spelling her name at 18 mths…reading early.  Alyssa is my creative child.  She can put words to anything.  She can write beautifully and has always been very articulate.  Noah is the math/science/history kid.  Loves loves loves it.

I am a stickler.  I want all my “t’s” crossed and all my “i’s” dotted.  My kids will attest to that.  I have a routine that has stood the test of time, all these years….I do not like change.  I do not like to yield.  I do not like to change things up.  I like what I like.  I know what I’m good at.  I know what the kids are capable of and I want them to know that they can succeed if they put forth the hard work and try.  That’s all I ever want them to do is try.  Do their best….even if it is a D….if they studied and did their best, then that is great in my book.

Then………came my kiddoes born in my heart.  The early years were spent learning our alphabet, our numbers, our address. What sticks out in my mind is the inability Daniel had to remember our address, our phone number, how to write his letters, learning the alphabet…just so many struggles.  His speech and hearing played a lot in that.  We did 2 sets of tubes, put him in preschool, started speech when he was 2 1/2.  I did everything I know to do.  Nothing seemed to work.

Grayce, on the other hand, has the attention span of a gnat.  She could not “do school” with the other kids.  She needed NO distractions (drapes and blinds down), no noise (we had to be like mice), nothing on her walls to look at, nothing in her room, for that matter.  She HATED doing the work and it was like pulling teeth with no medication to get her to do it.  She failed every single test (except for Spelling and Reading Comprehension).  I could not figure out what was going on.  Her math skills…..whoa Nelly.  Just horrible.  We got her tutors (thank you Mr. Brodsky), we did CDs, we did flash cards.  Nothing seemed to work.

Jude…..he came to America when he was 5.  Much of that first year was just learning to live in America.  Learning our language.  Learning to trust us.  We sat, a lot and watched Iron Chef America.  That is our thing.  A movie comes on and he gets as close to me as humanly possible…even at 11.  Then we worked on our alphabet, numbers, basic Kindergarten stuff.  It was hard.  Good gravy.  They say that for however long a child was in country is how long it takes for them to acclimate to a new country.  That is SO true.  So.  Very.  True.  There are certain concepts (Grammar) that is so hard for him.  I mean, it is so hard.  I bought word puzzles.  Did crossword puzzles.  Videos.  Set it to music.  Nothing seemed to work.

There is a world of difference between children who were wanted, loved, cared for, fed and children who suffered from neglect and abuse or a child whose sweet mama did all she could for him but did not have access to proper health care in order to take care of him.  That is a learning curve….for me.  It also teaches me to release the control that I like to hold onto so tightly.

This year….I have decided to release the reins.  I decided to walk into the enemy’s camp and still back my joy of teaching and molding their education to suit their individual needs.  I want to have fun.  I want them to have fun.  I want to meet their “required” needs but do it in a way that they do not hate learning.

So….with that being said.  Noah’s course of action will remain the same.  We will be scheduling him to take the ACT and his driver’s test this week.  I also plan on applying to Murray State Racer Academy in the spring.  We were aiming for the fall, but ya know, life happened.

Grayce, we are doing LOTS of reading literature (British and American) and lots of writing.  She loves to read and she loves to write.  We are stepping back on Algebra.  This part, we are just going to make sure she has an excellent handle on basic math, counting money, counting back money, etc.  She has FASD and the part of her brain that is affected is abstract.  She is *very* concrete and that is okay.  She just thinks and learns differently than us.  Our main goal, for her, is to get used to her living at home again.  She was at military school for 22 weeks.  It was a break that we all needed.  She is adjusting to home very well.  She knows her boundaries and she is confidant that she can be under authority.  It has been nice.  We will, of course, do Science but I will probably not test in that area because her testing skills are not great.  History, however, is good for her and that will continue on a typical high school path.  Bible will remain the same, as will Grammar and Language.

Daniel….I am gearing EVERYTHING to wars….to the military… history.  This kid cannot spell, he cannot remember the same chore he has had for 7 yrs, but he can tell you the history, with accurate detail, how the mountains of Hawaii were formed.  What countries were involved in every single war.  Every.  Single.  War.  This is our golden topic.  I am laying off the spelling.  I got him a little gadget for dyslexia that helps with that.  His penmanship is phenomenal.  I have also bought Dragon software to help him write.  It is all through a microphone and a computer.  Math…he is on target.  History…blows it out of the park.  Language, Grammar, Spelling………we are close to being done.  He knows the basics and we will move as far as he can, but realistically, he has FASD and he is also “low functioning” so I’m not discounting his abilities….we do a lot of lego work (I will definitely post a video of some of his inventions…they are wonderful), reading (real books and audio books for the classics of Literature), Bible….everything else will be a unit study created around military stuff.  It’s working

Jude…..he is now on target.  It has taken some time and he is still behind a bit in math, but for the most part….we will move forward with how I teach the other children.  He is heavy into reading and he loves math (though he goes a bit too fast and makes silly mistakes).  He is a beast at spelling and he has an insatiable love of learning.

Hunter……….we just read and play 🙂

All in all…it is gonna get done.  My kids are going to be well rounded, well socialized (yes, homeschoolers can be socialized and not awkward), and they will be educated.  Some are going to college…some will go to college….some will go to beauty school….some will go to trade school…God has their lives planned out.  He had it planned before He created the Earth.  He knows their beginning, middle, to end.

I just get the privilege of raising all these wildly different kiddoes.

I am blessed.


Good News

I’m always hesitant to see where my kids are in their schoolwork.  They do it….everyday and I grade it….once a week. I make out schedules for 3 of my kids and the other 2 have their schoolwork mainly online so that schedule is made out for them.

With Christmas coming up, I know that we will be taking a break…a long, much needed, much deserved break.  I looked to see our local public school’s calendar to count up how many days my older children should have under their belts before the break.

They needed to complete lesson 88, in all subjects by December 19th.  *Panic* ensues and I tentatively ask Boo what lesson set he finished today (that is math..2 different maths, English/Grammar, spelling, history, science, Bible, Spanish and so on)…he finished lesson 74 today which puts him RIGHT ON target!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!

I’m pleased to announce that Peach is 3 days ahead, as well!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so excited.  Gigi struggles, but she has her schedule and it will be completed (much to her chagrin) and the little boys…we are just plugging along with minor hiccups here and there.

I feel like the Little Train that Could….I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…..chuggin’ chuggin’ up that educational hill.


Oops in Homeschooling

Today, as the boys and I were reading together, I might have made a bit of a faux pas……I could chalk it up to the fact that I had not had any cheese, broth or caffeine.  Maybe that is a good thought.

So, I didn’t have an “oops in homeschooling,” I had a small lapse due to the insufficient dairy consumption (in the form of parmesan) and I was dehydrated due to the fact that I had not had my morning chicken broth or coke or water.

All that being said…the boys and I were reading.  I have many readers that are 1st-3rd grade.  I bought most of them at yardsales or consignment stores.  When the we read, one boy reads one page, my other son reads a page and I read a page.  So I am flanked by two super cute boys and we are enlightening ourselves on our newest story.  At the end of table, doing his work, is Boo.  You have a visual, right?

We were reading “Harvey’s New Fish.”  This story is about an elementary school aged boy who is jealous because some of his classmates have pets and are allowed to bring them to school for a type of show and tell.  He goes home and asks his mother if he can have a pet and she says no.  In that same afternoon, the boy gets a letter from his uncle, who lives in Japan. The uncle promises to send him a fish, in the mail, from Japan.  Well, the boy was thrilled and he went to class, the next day and announced to his friends that he was getting a fish from Japan.  Days went by and no fish came.  Harvey was sad and the kids began to say that there was no fish coming and that he wasn’t telling the truth.  He got home from school, discouraged, and his mom told him that he had a package in the mail, from his uncle.  Harvey rips open the package to find a kite, in the shape of a fish.  The boy tossed the envelope and was angry.

He went back to school, the next day, with a jar and water in it.  The kids asked him what it was and he told them that it was his “transparent” fish that his uncle had sent him from Japan and that the “transparent” fish ate “transparent” food.  All the kids (and teacher) gathered around and soon, the kids began “seeing” the fish.  The boy was so excited that his friends were excited and his teacher encouraged the students’ to draw a picture of the “transparent” fish from Japan.

The next day….Harvey returns to school, without his transparent fish.  The kids ask where the fish is and Harvey tells them that a cat snuck in his house, found the jar and ate the fish.

Story Over.

There are comprehension questions about the story at the end…I ask the boys the questions to see how their memory recall is and if they could remember details of the story.  The boys sat down, ready to answer the questions.  I closed the book and I looked at the boys and said “well, Harvey is a little liar, isn’t he?”  Boo stops what he is doing and he looks up, in shock.  He said “mama…that wasn’t the point of the story.”  I thought, what the heck is the point.  The boy is a liar.  I asked what the kids thought of the story and they all agreed.  The boy was ungrateful to his mom and uncle.  He lied to his teacher and his fellow students, and frankly, he needed his butt busted.

I took the opportunity to discuss integrity, honor, honesty, trustworthiness, deceitfulness… kids know what I expect out of them.  They are still kids, however, and they still make poor choices.  It is my job to guide them, instruct them and discipline them, if necessary.

So, I took an innocent story, out of a 20 year old reader, and I created a lesson on how to be a city on a hill.  Boo still snickered..moreso because he kept thinking the story was real and he wanted to research what a “transparent Japanese fish” looked like.




Today is the First Day….

….that I have felt settled in the homeschool arena with my two little boys.  My kids, normally, work independently beginning in about 4th grade and becoming solely independent (with help, of course) by the time they are in middle school.  I do not stand over them and dictate…they have their schedules, they have their curriculum and they work at their own pace.  They do so with the understanding that there is a beginning, middle and end.  They know what I want done by the end of the year.  We begin state testing about Mid-May and then we are done….till August :/

With my little boys, well, they are a different set of kiddoes.  Catfish has MMD (mild mental deficiency), severe dyslexia, FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and a lot of other stuff.  Little Man has some memory lags due to malnutrition and he is completely deaf in one ear.  We have mainly been focusing on math, reading, and spelling.  Catfish has therapy 2 hours per week in a town that is a half hour away.  They work on his speech, reading, handwriting, comprehension, etc.  It truly throws a ginormous kink in my day, but it has gotten him an official diagnosis and his therapists have been wonderful.

I spent this past week mourning the results of the testing.  I know that sounds dramatic, but it is what it is and no one wants their children to be delayed, have any type of dx, or have any issues, whatsoever.  We want our children to be okay, normal, and be able to function in this world…a parent wants their children to leave the nest and fly.  Catfish will probably not leave the nest and that is okay…well, it is okay now.  It wasn’t for about a week and a half.

In our efforts to help him, we have found audio books that are recorded by people and not machine.  He has been listening to 4th grade (his grade level) audio books (free books) that are classic novels.  He listens to them because his reading is so bad because of the dyslexia.  He is listening to books, on his grade level, to help improve his severely delayed vocabulary.  This will all help him and he loves listening to books.  He is reading, however, books on the 2nd grade level.  He is doing well and reads one or two stories a day that include comprehension questions.  His memory is affected so we are trying to build those memory muscles the best that we can.

In therapy, Catfish uses an FM system.  It is a headphone that is attached to a system with a microphone.  The therapist speaks clearly and the microphone magnifies the sound in his ears to help him HEAR the words being said properly.  He has a type of phonetical processing problem where he can not hear the words said properly therefore he says them incorrectly and has a speech impediment.  Well, there is no financial assistance or program that can assist in us purchasing an FM system, so we did a knock off called the Pocketalker.  It is similar to the FM system and it drowns out the outside sound and simply magnifies my voice.  We are currently working on our “r” sounds…those are a booger!

So, this weekend, I sat down and realized that Catfish, though he should be in 4th grade…is probably more like 1-2nd grade.  Okay.  So I deal with that.  LM is supposed to be in 1st grade but can pull some 2nd grade out of his hat, but only when his brain is working (sometimes we have to run around the house to get our brain warmed up).  I came up with a doable schedule, will be adding in math worksheets and possibly science, and lots of memorization of facts.  I will be working with both boys, in tandem on the same set of books.  Today went really really well.  It will not be easy and Catfish will eventually catch onto what I’m doing, but I feel like if I can bump Catfish up in math (he is excellent in math) and keep LM on his grade level in math, that will be a huge boost of confidence even though the other books are 2 grades below what he is working on.  We really don’t do grade levels anyway and there is no  GRADE 2 marked on any curriculum that I use, so the visual is not there for him to be discouraged on.

This is working…it keeps me accountable and not flying by the seat of my pants.  The boys are learning.  I’m not frazzled.  The big kids can help when I am at therapy with Catfish and they know exactly where we stopped and where to pick up.  It really is a win win for me.

Here is a copy of our November schedule, to give you an example.  I started with November 10th (the schedule is new), so there are 12 teaching days left in this month.

November 10-14; 17-21; 24-25 (12 days)




8-17 46-53 72-81
19-25 54-60 82-90
26-33 61-67 91-101
35-45 70-71 103-115


            OUR AMERICA


5-9 35-43 59-63
13-23 45-49 65-69
25-29 50-54 70-75
30-34 55-58 76-81


  • Name Continents
  • Name Oceans
  • Name Seas
  • Match states to map
  • Draw flag and identify how many stars/stripes and why
  • Begin Timeline




4-7 22-25 40-45
8-11 26-29 46-49
12-17 32-35 50-53
18-21 36-39 54-57


Vocabulary:     share                            Senses                         city



Spell – alphabetize – define – sentences – test

~some, her, would, make, duck, luck, suck, stuck, like, him, into, time, pet, get, wet, let, has, look, two, more, red, bed, fed, sled~

~write, go, see, number, men, hen, pen, ten, no, way, could, people, tell, fell, sell, well, my, than, first, water, bad, hat, glad, mad~

~been, called, who, oil, win, lip, kid, ship, sit, now, find, long, mom, fox, chop, shop, down, day, did, get, bus, truck, must, cut~


Week 2

  • I can sit with the man.
  • I have a big pig.
  • His thin skin had a pin in it.
  • He can kick the stick but not the brick.

Week 3

  • We all have a lot of hot pots.
  • You can hop when you drop your mop.
  • There is a job for each man.
  • Which rock do you have?

Week 4

  • Their hut is shut, but I will do in.
  • He will hug many bugs on the rug.
  • It is so fun to run in the sun!
  • With some luck the duck will not get stuck.


 Worksheets (6 per day) on different areas of 2nd grade


Fact families

Begin division

Simple fractions

Online Reading: (only for Catfish)

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Huckleberry Finn

Tablet Work:

10 min. starfall

10 min. 2nd grade math



Well, I got the results back from Catfish’s 4 hour testing.

It was worse than I had expected.

Now, I mull over the results.

I cry.

I eat cheese.

I cry more.

I drank a coke.

Then my sister called….and I cried more.

It isn’t really the dyslexia (okay, so that is a huge part of it).

It is all the other alphabetical letters he has because of the choices of his birthmom.

I just wasn’t as prepared for all of this.

I was hoping against all hopes that he would outgrow his labels.

Tomorrow I will be over it and I will find ways to help him.

Or, I could just stay under the covers and be very very quiet in hopes that the children don’t find me.