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God Help Us

On Sunday, our pastor told us to shut our eyes and listen.

…..My heart…..

1 bb = 10,000 lives being taken

My heart goes out to all the women who have chosen this path….whether it was voluntary, involuntary, forced, or any other reason.

Please know that Jesus has already forgiven you.

He loves you.

He is holding your sweet baby on His knee.

You will see that child again and that child will know you and love you.

If you need help in dealing with the thoughts and emotions you may have regarding this….please seek help from your family, a counselor, or a pastor.  If you cannot do that, know that Jesus is always there and always listening.

He loves you.

Though I have never had an abortion……I have been affected deeply by it on multiple personal occasions…..I have a story too, so please know, I do not post this as judgement.

Never will.

I just want you to know that you are loved beyond measure by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords….regardless of any choice you have made or was made for you.

If you are currently pregnant, please be encouraged.  Go to your local Hope Clinic or Pregnancy Center or Health Department.  You have another choice.  Parenting (there is help) or adoption.




Hearts and Prayers for Marshall County


My Hero & His Sidekicks

Image may contain: 1 person, beard and baby

^^^^^^^^^^This man caught a ride, in the nasty winter weather we had, rode and 1 1/2 hrs to where Hunter and I were stopped because my sanity could not do it any longer after 2 days of no sleep because of sitting in a hospital room.  We got food, and we chatted the whole way home about nothing and everything.  He never hesitated.^^^^^

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, eyeglasses and closeup

^^^^^This boy, who wants to marry the girl in the picture, dropped everything to drive my husband 1 1/2 hrs to where I was.  He never hesitated or complained.  He just asked how we (meaning me and the baby) were and that he was happy to help.  This girl, in this picture, called me on the way home and made me laugh, encouraged me, and chatted my ear off to keep me from wailing.^^^^^^^

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and night

^^^^^^This ripe old man, made me a strap of leather that says “Hold on tight to God”  He made this for me because he knew, from the beginning that I would need something tangible to touch to remind me of Christ (and his) love for me.  That girl in the purple offered me food, a hotel, a friend’s house, whatever I needed to get through…and she lives 8 hrs away from where I was.  She and her family prayed fervently for me and she spoke wisdom into me while I was having my moment driving on the ice.  Even though she was tired…she stayed on the phone with me until I had calmed down.  This other girl in pink, with the necklace….well, I can handle just about anything until I call her and she says “hey” and then I cry.  Her voice soothes my soul and she calms me to my core.  She listens and gets mad at the appropriate parts of my stories.  She gets quiet in other parts of my recountenance, she researches, and she prays.  God knew what He was doing when he created these people to be in my tribe.^^^^^^

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

^^^^^This mama of mine…………..this mama of mine…………….this mama of mine…………there are days when I think I cannot breathe without talking to her 500 times a day.  She is my rock.  She is a FAITHFUL and driven prayer warrior.  She listens, she worries, she has great ideas, she is encouraging, and she never makes me feel stupid.  Ever.  She always says I’m a good mama….well….I learned from the best.^^^^^^^^^^

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, tree, eyeglasses and outdoor

^^^^^^This pretty girl shoveled the sidewalk, did and put away ALL the laundry, had all my diffusers going, made supper, and just loved on me and Hunter when we got home.  She watched kids, she delegated, and she worked on her homework so she could be ahead.  She let me sleep in the next day, as well….and fixed dinner plates.  This big ole boy, took time out of his day to text me in one of the roughest moments of Hunter’s hospital stay.  He encouraged me and was praying for us and we had a GIF war on FB just to get my mind off of what was going on and trying to get me to snicker.  Job accomplished.^^^^^^^^^^

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, eyeglasses, selfie and closeup

^^^^^This boy had the kitchen spick and span before I got home.  He also shoveled the snow/ice away from my garage door so we wouldn’t get stuck trying to get in our driveway.  He loved on me and Hunter.  He makes my heart smile.^^^^^

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

^^^^^This girl had her chores done, her exercises done, and her schoolwork done.  She also helped unload all the excessive crap we hauled home and she put it all away.  There was no drama, no nothing…..she played and calmed Hunter while some chaos was twirling around us getting things put up.^^^^^^^^^^

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, outdoor and nature

^^^^^This boy took care of all his chores, without complaining, and he did his schoolwork.  That is quite a challenge somedays, but today he did it.  He also goofed up and got caught in a sin act, but he was quick to admit what he had done was wrong and he apologized.  I’d say that is a win win situation.^^^^^^

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

^^^^^This Bro – man got all his chores done and all his homework done, as well with no complaining.  He is loved tremendously by Hunter.  He is his lego man person and their relationship is so precious.  I think I’ll keep him.^^^^^^


On this particular day, it took MY village to come and rescue this weary woman’s soul.  I’m so thankful that God perfectly ordained each of these people to be in my tribe and to love me and Hunter so well.  God is SO good….all the time.

YouTube Faves

At night, when I’m taking time for myself, I watch some YouTube videos.  These are all family friendly.  I’d say they are G or PG rating (Itsjustkelli is probably the only PG rating and it is only because of her period videos but they are clearly marked and you can skip over them).  I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what I watch and share our own Youtube channel that contains snippets of Hunter and his OMS journey.  Please consider subscribing to any or all of these youtube channels!



I post lifestyle, day in the life, #beauty, #family, #productreview, #fitness, #cooking, do it yourself, #parenting, and many more awkward videos three times a week. I am: An Ex-teen mom, A Wife, A Mother, An Adoptee, A Beauty Junkee, A Runner, A Yogi, An Endometriosis fighter, An Egg donor, And a Survivor. In no particular order.


We are a family of 7, just trying to love each other well and live out our faith everyday. We are high school sweethearts, blessed with 5 children! Two grew in my belly and three grew in our hearts. We homeschool and love to go adventures, believing that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.


Welcome to The Stauffer Life! We post family vlogs and welcome to our little space on the internet! We are a family of 5: Myka, James, Kova, Jaka and Radley. Currently, we are going through the international adoption process to bring home our son Huxley from China. As vloggers, we vlog the most raw version of our lives! Would love to have you join our family by subscribing for all of our future adventures! We love you guys so much!! See you in our next family friendly vlog! Love the Stauffer Family


Hey I’m Myka! Welcome to my awesome place of the internet.Youtube is my absolute passion I love creating content and getting to know my subscribers! Please Subscribe 🙂 I’m a Mommy of 3 from Ohio and have a new little boy entering our family from China this fall, and Married to my best friend. I LOVE sharing videos about Mommy life, DIYs, Organization, fitness, cleaning, lifestyle, and Day in the Life videos! Join in and get inspired! ♡ xox


Hi! I’m Kristin and welcome to The Gold Project. I am a born and raised Southern gal who is a teacher by day & a blogger/YouTuber by night. I am also a coach’s wife and mom of two. The Gold Project focuses on my passion for anything that deals with planning, organizing, and decorating. I enjoy sharing my real-life experiences and honesty while tackling all of my projects.


Hi, friends! Welcome to Jamerrill’s Large Family Table, where mega motherhood and real life met. Here you’ll find enjoyable homeschooling, large family life, tips and tricks on practical strategies for feeding a herd, and more! As a mom of seven with baby #8 on the way, my days are full of homeschooling a houseful, toddler chasing, & overworking my slow cooker until it begs for mercy. I certainly don’t have *all the answers* that moms need. However, I’ll gladly share encouraging videos to inspire your journey as I share what I’m learning along the way in mine. Find me on my blog and (soon) podcast at!


Hey its Amy, welcome to my channel. Come along and watch the journey as we experience life with a family of 12.


Hi, I’m Kathryn! I’m on a mission to lead a beautiful, organized lifestyle on a frugal budget. Let me show you how I live life on a dime! Follow my blog for budget organizing, money saving finds, free printables, and more from me!:


I’m Ashleigh, he’s Peter, and we have six awesome kiddos!!! Welcome to our channel! We’d love for you to stick around and get to know our little (big?) family! Homeschooling/unschooling, all things birth and babies, family, fellowship, faith, and coffee… We’re loud, we’re messy, and we love big, and all that we have and all that we are is because we’ve been redeemed by our Messiah, HalleluYah!


Welcome to my couponing and money saving channel. I hope that my videos on how to coupon, pick up great deals and money saving tips will be helpful for you and your family! I focus on finding the best deals for the least amount of money. I will encourage you to build a stockpile that can help support the needs of your family. Please subscribe to my channel and I can guarantee that you will never pay full price for a thing again!!!!


Welcome here! I am a French fashion designer currently living in Berlin, where I founded my womenswear label. New videos every WEDNESDAY 4pm & SUNDAY 12pm (Paris/Berlin time). What to expect on this channel: – Behind the scenes: how I work and create new collections – How to style your body type, create a capsule wardrobe, choose colors and proportions that work for you – Learn to recognize good quality in fashion – Fashion history – My (French) perspective on trends and style 🙂 I love my job & through YouTube, I want to take you with me on this journey and share creative skills. So that maybe, hopefully, my videos will inspire you to enjoy fashion and get creative too! Take care, Justine


Hi, I am Lydia Senn and I make videos about simple living, how to save money and getting out of debt. We paid off $36,000 in two years and we are showing you how we did it. Good living shouldn’t cost a fortune. You can have a BIG life on a LITTLE budget. Here I provide easy, money saving tips, quick fixes, tips to going on a family adventure, all for a bargain. Being frugal can be fun, it just takes a little creativity. I put up new videos every Monday and Friday. For inquiries email me Hit me up at Come say hi on Facebook. I love new friends.


Hi, I’m Dana. I’m raising a family of 6 on a budget. We live credit card free, and follow Dave Ramsey’s debt-free plan, because we fully believe the borrower is slave to the lender. I work full time outside the home in Finance as a Corporate Accountant, but enjoy sharing my personal and parenting journey online. I’m a wife and Mother to 4 young kids, including twin boys and two girls. I’m passionate about personal finance, budgets, cloth diapers, breastfeeding, eating a plant based (vegan) diet, family and the YOUTUBE MOM Community. Join me for weekly videos including frugal living tips & tricks, debt free living, twin care, toddler topics, weight loss & more.



My life as a young wife, mother to many and a flawed yet faithful follower of Christ! I am a wife to my amazingly handsome, multi-talented, God-centered husband, Mike. We have been married since I was just a baby after being high school sweet hearts FOREVER. The Lord has blessed us with 6 beautiful babies that challenge and bless us daily! I am a homeschooling mom and LOVE it! We live on a handful of acres alongside a shallow creek and have slowly been turning a house (that we built in 2005) into a home. We have raised pigs, bees and chickens (and of course kids!) over the years. I also love to grow and preserve my own food (there is just something about it that makes my heart smile), tackle home projects both big and small (I am a contractor’s daughter), read, sew, quilt, crochet, knit and try to keep an open “Mary” home of hospitality (Luke 10:38-42).


Child of the King. Wife to Big Daddy. Mom to 7. I have 3 children born under the heart and 4 born in the heart. My children deal with a range of things including depression, pica, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder, Single Sided Deafness, malnutrition brain, autistic tendencies, and Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome. Advocate of adoption and special needs kids. Survivor of depression. I strive, everyday, to live as I am supposed to, according to Scripture. My life is an uphill battle, but I’m confident that my Lord is either walking beside me, carrying me or dragging me. Welcome to my life.




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Nicholas Miles, 16.  Left local high school in Bartlett, TN at 9:58 am on 11/27/17.

He was last seen wearing red jeans, red Nike shoes, an orange and white zip up hoodie, and may or may not have a backpack.

If seen, please call the Bartlett TN Sheriff’s Department at 901.385.5555.

Please do not offer to feed him or let him in your home.  He is NOT dangerous but he does not need to be encouraged to keep running.

He has missed his daily medication and it’s very important that he not miss another dose.

Please help us find our son.  He is loved beyond measure.

This is my friend’s son…..please share this page to get the word out!

Operation “Get Life Together:” Mini Financial Update

When we began our journey to financial freedom….well….it is kind of like a diet, we never stick to it and instead of losing a lot of weight, we triple our weight.

Tis the life.

I believe, though we have broken that bitter cycle because we are seeing MASSIVE improvement in our finances.

Are we still living paycheck to paycheck?  Yes.

Are we still doing a zero based budget?  Yes.

Do we flub up and eat out because we spend most of 2 weeks in a nursing home, funeral home, ER, and hospital?  That’d be a big ol yes.


I sat down today (it is payday) and I got out all our envelopes and my notepad ready stuff those biweekly envelopes and see how much money we have left to pay on our van.

Our van has a payoff of 3 yrs.  It was a 5 yr loan.  We have been paying on it for 2 yrs.  The minimum….cause that’s what you do when you buy a lot of nonsense and do not know where your money is going.

We started our ZERO BASED BUDGET back in September 2017.   As it stood, then, we had:

Van payoff 2020. 

A student loan payoff of 2027. 

An equity payoff of 2022. 

And a house payoff of 2037 (I think it was 20 yrs…might have been 15….or was it 30….you get the idea though).

Right now, on October 13, 2017…due to LOTS of sacrifices, selling an exercise bike, Big Daddy working overtime and taking control of our money again…this is where our payoffs stand.

Brace yourself.

Van payoff will be DECEMBER 2017 

Student loan payoff will be DECEMBER 2018

Equity payoff will be DECEMBER 2019

House payoff will be DECEMBER 2022

Can you even?


I mean COMPLETELY debt free by 2022. Now, of course, this does not account for any surprises, but most of the surprises, we have take out money for in our zero based budget plan.  We call it a “sinking fund.”  Anything that we perceive to be needed or could happen, in the future, we are saving for…plus we have a little emergency fund that we can rely on.

Even if we have to delay being debt free for a couple of years….we are still WAY ahead of the year 2037….that is a 20 yr difference.  That is saving interest and not paying a boatload more in interest rates.

God is good…..even through my last hellish 3 yrs….He is good.  We are trying to be obedient and, yes, we are making sacrifices because we are not choosing to serve two masters anymore.


Where to Go From Here

Today is Friday….Friday’s are typically spent with my Lady.  I would head over to her house a little before lunch and we would either eat there or go out….that began our day together.  Once we were done eating, I would get some laundry started or get started on her “Brandi do” list.  Don’t get me wrong…I love to organize and I love her and I would do anything she asked me to do….and I did LOL  Once those little things were done, we would head to her chair and I would head to mine and we would sit……..we would talk……I would cry……..she would pray…..she would teach me.  I would head home about 4, get supper started and then head back over there to bring her supper.   Somedays I would eat with her and somedays I would drop it off and head on home.


I sit here, at my table, eating a salad……alone…..

We buried my Lady yesterday.  It was a day we were all dreading but we knew that that is what she wanted…to be with her hero and her Jesus.  We all know that she would never come back to this fallen earth….that she would simply wait till our room was ready and she would meet us at the pearly gates.

Her service was beautiful.  I was honored that I was asked to sit with the family, though I am not blood.  This family took me in, like their own and loved me.  I am thankful for her boys Joe David and Doug.  I’m thankful for their wives Esther and Luanne.  I’m thankful to the two grandkids that I have met Devon and Chelsea…..then there is Caden, Abigail, Colton, and a new one on the way.  I had the privilege to meet her brother and his wife and her nieces and nephews at the funeral.

Her precious friend did the service and he did exactly as she asked.  Make it a celebration of life and not a free for all cry session….oh, and be sure you talk about the plan of salvation.  Her constant prayer was that everyone come to know her friend, Jesus.  She was pretty special like that.

Our friendship was rare… many people have “acquaintances” but that is as far as it goes.  We had a closeness that cannot be described.  She knew my EVERYTHING and I knew her EVERYTHING.  She caught me by surprise one time, during her hospital stay…a nurse asked a standard question and she answered it in a way that I was not expecting.  Once the nurse left…I got all up in her stuff and I said “Faithie….are you sure you did that, for that long?”  She smiled and said yes but she was not proud of it.  I asked her how I never knew that and she said that that was something I did not need to know LOL.  You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

Our relationship shifted a bit after her stroke in 2015.  I did more of the housework and I took care of her needs a bit more, but that did not diminish what she did for me.  She taught me how to live life to the fullest.  How to love my husband and my Jesus without reservation.  How to parent and make cornbread.  How to get out stains like a beast.  How when she called and said “Brandi…when you have time….” I never heard the rest of the sentence.  My kids knew if she needed me, I would go.  I’m blessed to have older children who can watch the younger children.  I’m also blessed my kids loved her so deeply and she loved them.  I would always tell her, I’m on my way.  I would always try to hide my grin or my gaping mouth when I would walk in and see what it was that she needed….once she flooded her kitchen LOL….what was she thinking????

Everything I did for her…..I did it with joy in my heart and love.  Whether it was hauling her somewhere, filing her toenails, cleaning up, sitting with her…so many sleepless nights.  It was absolutely and honor and a joy to be in her presence.  It was always and will always be my pleasure….there was never an I’m too tired, I’d rather not, can someone else do it, it can wait…”  I just did it because she needed it.

I will never have another relationship like I had with her.  I have close friendships and I treasure them…..but she was my everyday.  There will never be another Ms Jo, Josephine, Faithie, my Lady………….

There is a giant hole in my heart…… that will never be filled.  Jesus did good when He allowed our paths to cross.  He knew I needed her and He knew she needed me.


Relaxation 101: Tip 2

I mentioned the other day, my beginning of a little series on relaxation.  This is my second tip, but this one can either be FREE or it can cost some money.


Peoples of the internet world….if you have never gotten a full body massage, you are missing out on a little slice of heaven in the real world.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

I have fallen asleep, instantly.

I have woken myself up, during my massage, drooling.

I have also woken myself up snoring.

The music.

The quietness.

The smells.


Sometimes, I barter with a friend.  My service for her service.

Sometimes, I pay for it.  Cause it is worth it and so am I.

Sometimes, I lay on my floor and have a kid walk on my back.

Sometimes, I lay on floor and I have them rub my back, or use a torture device to get out the knots.

It is glorious.

When I pay for or barter for a service, I usually get an hour, full body.  I like a deep tissue massage…the more you “hurt” me the more I enjoy it.  It works out all those stress knots that I have accumulated.

Stop.  Get almost naked.  Drool.  Snore.  Enjoy.  Repeat.

You are worth it!

Let Me Get This Straight

This is a convo that I had, the other day, with my 13 year old son.

Me:  D, did you take the dogs out?

D:  No.

Me:  Did you feed and water the dogs and cats?

D:  No.

**it was after lunch at this point….chores are usually done by 9 am**

Me:  Can you name me each of the major wars from as far back as you can remember, in order?

D:  Rattles them off PERFECTLY beginning in the year 1754 with the French and Indian War.

Me:  Can you tell me who was involved in each of these wars?

D:  Rattles the names off PERFECTLY.

Me:  How is it you can remember these details, but you cannot remember the same chores you have had for 7 years?

D:  I like wars.  I do not like chores.

Touche’ little fella.  Touche’.

The beauty of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder.


Relaxation 101: A Beginning

I live in the land of stress.  It is not a nice land…..lots of moles, vermin, sewage issues, etc. My Lady fusses at me all the time about my stress level and how much I take on.  I mean, I care for her (I see that more as a privilege), I have 7 kids (one trying to find love and a job in her field; one just left love and is heartbroken….as well as going to college; one in military school because of her behavior; one who is finding himself as a “man” and beginning to drive; one with FASD and depression, along with learning disabilities; one who is hearing impaired; and one with OMS).  I have my counseling I do, when I have the time, I have parents who I think/worry about, sibling issues, work issues, Big Daddy’s health stuff…..blah blah blah blah.

So, in this little series (as I think of it), I’m going to discuss ways that help me to relax. Some may cost a little money, some may cost a lot or some could be totally free 🙂

The first one, I experienced tonight!  The weather is starting to turn, so it isn’t too hot and it isn’t too cool.  My favorite times of the year.  I love love LOVE to have my windows down when I drive.  To hell with the snot that flings out my nose and hits the child in the seat behind me.  To hell with the bird’s nest that resides in my hair and I cannot get a brush through it.

Exhibit A:


This is what happens when you get the bright idea to be a girl and curl your hair…using LOTS of hair products.  This happens to be the same day that your daughter has therapy and it is one of those glorious cool/warm days when I drove 40 miles to the therapist office.  I got out of the car, with my daughter who never said a word.  I walked in to a room full of clients who are staring at me.  My first thought was “I am on fire today and I look like a girl and they are all being jealous.”  I smile…I go to sign the register.  The receptionist looks as me and gasps.  I smile and say “yep, I know you never see me looking all nice with my hair curled, so yes…it is still me…just with my hair done.”  She gives me this weird smile.  We sit.  Daughter does her school work and I decide to run to the bathroom…and this is what I found.  This was the result of freshly fixed hair, lots of product, and my obsession with the window being down.  “It’s All About Mary” came to mind.  I about died.  Died.  I just about died.  There was no laying this sucker down.  Short of me sticking my head in the toilet to wet it…..I just decided to embrace it.

As we were driving home from a family movie/dinner night…we rolled the windows down and I just sat there, with my eyes closed and the wind blowing in my face….I was at peace.  I couldn’t hear the children because of the wind in my ears (and hearing loss LOL).  I couldn’t see anything around me because it was dark.  Just glorious wild wind.  I’m glad Big Daddy was driving so I could enjoy the full scope of it all.

Try it sometime…..but carry a brush with ya 🙂

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