Amish Iridologist

Amish Iridologist

Amish Iridologist

This a small series of our experience with an Amish Iridologist.  We visited Reuben Schwartz in Hestand, KY.  We had a good experience with him and his office.

Please Understand

I do not work for them.  This is solely our experience, as a family, seeking holistic care for our son. Modern medicine is still in full swing, at our house.  We simply are trying anything and everything for him.

Our Visits

We made 2 visits to Reuben.  One was just for my son and me.  The second was a bit longer because we took all of our children and my husband.  We had a good experience both times.

Please consult your doctor!

Reuben Schwartz Info

Reuben Schwartz Info Well, well, well…lots has happened since I’ve posted.  Here is some Reuben Schwartz Info for people who have questions.  First and foremost, I DO NOT WORK FOR REUBEN.  I get a lot of questions asking to schedule appointments for him.  Honestly, I welcome the questions but do not work for him.  Also, …

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Amish Iridologist In Pictures

Amish Iridologist In Pictures Well, I sort of am doing the Amish Iridologist In Pictures.  I do not take pictures of the Amish because they do not want their pictures taken.  This is a respect thing and I choose to honor what they asked of me. We stayed in a little town about 45 minutes …

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Amish Iridology

Amish Iridology I get a lot of hits (searches) for Amish Iridology and Reuben Schwartz.  With the amount that I get, I thought I would do a follow up on him.  I will also link below, in Related Posts, the past things I have written. As always, you are more than welcome to send me …

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Little Bit of Everything Going On

Little Bit of Everything Going On There has been Little Bit of Everything Going On lately.  Last week, I spent several days in St. Augustine, FL with my daughter and son.  We went to get his treatment and learned so much, again. It has been mentioned to us that one of our children has “recovered” …

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Reflecting on our Amish Iridologist Reuben Schwartz

On the Road Again Reflecting on our Amish Iridologist Reuben Schwartz.  Here we go, back to the Amish Iridologist Reuben Schwartz, so he can Look Deeply Into My Eye.  As we travel back to Hestand, KY, we meet up with Dr. Reuben Schwartz.  I’m so thankful that the trip is not too long, about 4 …

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Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist Here is a bit more information on Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist.  I had heard of him a long time ago.  In the busyness of life, I just let the knowledge slip my mind until my brother brought him back up. This time, I did my homework.  I did some research and …

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Iridology = Yes Please

Iridology = Yes Please:  Reuben Schwartz Iridology = Yes Please!  Thought I was done with the “out of the box” thinking. Think again! When you tell a mama that your baby has a progressive degenerative genetic disorder, that you cannot explain, and there is nothing they can do. Think again! Our first “out of the …

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