• Our third adopted child
  • Our only child from Ethiopia
  • Has a total of 11 siblings in America and in Ethiopia
  • Was originally named after his biological father and his paternal grandfather
  • Noah gave him the first name of Israel
  • He.  Is.  An.  Eater.
  • Amazingly good at all sports
  • He loves to read
  • He has the greatest smile ever
  • He was saved and baptized with his brother Daniel
  • He could be a chef in the making because he loves to watch me cook
  • He is diligent about his chores
  • He taught Daniel how to tie his shoes
  • He was the only child who was trilingual (Wolayitan, Amharic, and English)
  • Does not know a stranger
  • Loves the color orange
  • He says he has “black man’s swag”….I simply agree
  • He mumbles
  • Only child who has single sided deafness…we didn’t know for the first year
  • Always eager to do schoolwork