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  • My fourth adopted son
  • The youngest biological son of my niece
  • He has Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome
  • He is rotten…like to the core
  • He loves super heroes
  • He thinks he is older than what he is.
  • He has total of 8 siblings
  • He is a tip toe walker
  • Loves to play with playdoh
  • He loves to swim but hates to take a bath
  • Has a fondness for his Mamaw
  • Loves getting mail from Mama Paige
  • Knows he is cute and uses that to his advantage
  • He has naturally curly hair
  • Has a deep love for sweet potato casserole
  • He believes he is the 5th Ninja Turtle
  • Likes to put pencils and other objects behind his ear
  • Was terrified of stuffed animals for the first year he lived with us
  • Still loves to be swaddled at nap and bedtime.
  • He has been the easiest child I’ve ever had
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