• My Second Adopted child
  • 1/2 brother to Grayce
  • Has a soft spot for the elderly
  • He loves mohawks
  • Only child with dyslexia
  • Warrior for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder
  • Can dump a box of legos and create ships and guns with moving parts
  • Imaginative
  • Loves.  Loves.  Loves history and science
  • This pose sums this child up….even a rock becomes and adventure
  • He is super sensitive
  • He has short term memory loss due to his FASD
  • Aspires to be in the military, a police man or a firefighter
  • Loves studying the Bible
  • Was baptized with his younger brother, Jude
  • He had a carat earring, in one ear, when he moved in with us.
  • Did not talk till he was 4
  • Has the ability to bring anyone joy
  • He is also an eater….like of everything including wallpaper, pool noodles, rocks and legos
  • He does not enjoy bathing