Big Daddy


  • My favorite human on the planet
  • He has a butt to die for 🙂
  • His eyes are the bluest of blues
  • He measures his goatee
  • Diehard Cubs fan
  • Has a fondness for food
  • Didn’t learn to shoot a gun until his 40s when he changed careers
  • Beautiful singing voice
  • He may look mean but he is a softy
  • Has made me a homemade pizza every week (with few exceptions) our 24 yrs together
  • Now, *he* has swag
  • Was a Long Snapper for Murray State University…paid for his education
  • He rarely says no to me
  • He does not dust….ever.
  • Loves to travel
  • Took him 20 yrs to find the job of his dreams
  • He has never dated anyone but me
  • Detests pickled beets
  • Has a deep passion for Jesus
  • He has a giant heart
  • He can do anything he sets his heart and mind too
  • He has my heart and then some……….