New Business Alert!

New Business Alert!

Here is a New Business Alert!  Meet my friend, Rachel!  She has worked so hard to accomplish her dream of becoming a Licensed Esthetician!  Well, friends…SHE DID IT!  I’m so proud of her I can’t even hardly stand it.

New Business Alert!

Rachel Lane LE -Makeup Artist

My friend is talented, loyal, and is an excellent teacher.  She has worked very hard and now she is can finally begin to see the fruits of her labor.  I’m so excited to see where the Lord takes her in life.

Snippet from Rachel:

I am working the email subscription list which will be started on the first of September.
If you would like to receive up-to-date skincare, makeup information, education, and tips please just send me your email address and I will place you on the monthly list.  I will soon have more info on my new beauty blog and much more !!

Ways to Find Her

Home Facebook Page

Before There was Rachel Lane…

There was another Rachel from another time.  Also, there was another Brandi from another time.  Those times collided 30 yrs ago.  We were inseparable for several years during our late teen/early 20 years.  We made our hair high enough to reach the heavens.  Solved the world’s problems, and loved Elvis Presley.  That was our thing.

Then Life Happened

I went one way and she went another.  She married young, I went to college.  A great friendship of two young girls quickly drifted away.  In that time, she had her struggles and issues.  She began working as an EMT and is PHENOMENAL at it.  She also met the love of her life and now they have a beautiful daughter.

I finished college and got married.  Soon after that (well, between my 20s-40s), I had a lot of babies.  Memories would flash around my head if I ran into her mother.

As Luck Would Have it

I ran into Rach at the ER.  Our local ER and that lit the tiniest little fire under me.  That little fire stayed burning for another year or so.  Then, I found out she married a friend of mine’s brother!

I found that her family was local.  Then, I did what any sensible person would do.  I began stalking her on facebook wondering if she remembered me and our intense friendship.

Messaging Her on FB

I friended her…she friended me back…it was nice but just a bit odd because so many years had passed.  People change, ya know, and I wasn’t sure if she would like the person I had become. Then one day, I was taking Hunter to horse therapy and I drove by her old road.  We spent a lot of time in that old house.

I messaged her on fb about driving by and the memories that are spurred on.  She got tickled about a wreck her brother and I had.  Instant laughter.  She said that that house is still in the family.  She explained the loss of her father and the remarriage of her mom.  Her brother’s current life.  It was just nice to catch up.  I, of course, filled her in on my life.

From There till Forever

We exchanged cell numbers, as it was easier and we would text at night when she was on the “bus” (ambulance).  Then, we met for lunch.  It was so strange setting across from her eating a meal with us in our late 40s.  So much to say!  We chatted, ate, laughed and then some!  It was such a fun lunch!

Now and Then

We do still reminisce.  Yet, we have more in common now than we did way back when we were 16 and 18.  Life experiences, trials, tragedies, and love.  The one thing we both noted was this was our first real meeting as sisters in Christ.  In the beginning, we were not believers.  Now, we love Jesus with every fiber of our beings.


We meet for lunch about once a week or every couple of weeks.  Also, we text daily.  We laugh, cry, yell, ask for prayer, talk about food, and share our frustrations/joys with each other.  Our goal is to get ALL our people under one roof to eat.  Gotta work between lots of schedules.


I have loved having her back in my life.  It brings me such joy and we have had so much fun.  There are many restaurants we can still discover.  Also, many things we can straighten out for society LOL.  Most of all, we know that we will pray for each other and be honest with each other.  Our husbands work sort of together, so they know each other through work.  I’m excited for our families to get to know each other better.

Check her FB Page Out

If you have questions about anything skin-related or Elvis related, she is your girl!  She is a talented human being.  I’m so proud of her for chasing her dreams!

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