Little Bit of Everything Going On

Little Bit of Everything Going On

There has been Little Bit of Everything Going On lately.  Last week, I spent several days in St. Augustine, FL with my daughter and son.  We went to get his treatment and learned so much, again.

It has been mentioned to us that one of our children has “recovered” Reactive Attachment Disorder.  I have no idea what that means LOL.  He feels that this child *was* struggling with that diagnosis when this child was younger.  Now, he feels that there is a healthy attachment.

Coming Up on my Blog

More on Reuben Schwartz, the Amish Iridologist that we met last year.  I’m going to speak more in-depth about the whys and hows of our visit with him.

Also, I’m going to try to put into words our trips to St. Augustine.  I’m not claiming that this was our saving grace with Hunter.  He still has a long way to go.  What I am saying is that the Lord led us there.  I am now understanding that the body desires to be in homeostasis in order to heal.

Above all, Jesus has healed Hunter.  The complete manifestation has not be finished, but it is being finished.  We still do modern medicine, but I can attest to Hunter’s changes and mine, for that matter.

Coming Up on YouTube

I will be posting YouTube videos, close to daily, on Hunter’s condition. These are videos that I have been collecting for over 2 years.  They go from 2017 (onset) to current.  You can find these videos by subscribing to My YouTube Channel.

Current Goings On

Currently, we are in the process of painting our bedroom and bathroom.  What Big Daddy doesn’t know is that I want my closet painted too.  It is ginormous.  Maybe not.  I dunno.

He picked out the colors and they are taking some getting used too.  I’m not a fan of change, at all.  These colors are a HUGE change for me.  He is, sadly, taking it personally, that I am not a fan…yet.  It will grow on me.

Coming Up in the Kitchen

We are having to change up Hunter’s diet, again.  He has a sensitivity to gluten, milk, nuts, and beef.  So, we are going to have to try and do a paleo/keto type of diet with him.  My hopes are to learn to cook some things and post what works.

We shall see.  I dread it.

Coming Up in DoTerra

Honestly, I’m not sure where I stand with selling DoTerra.  I love my oils.  There is daily use and that will not stop.  Furthermore, I will not stop educating about them.  I have not had a “workshop” since beginning this journey though.

With traveling as much as I have with Hunter and dealing with all that I have dealt with, with him…I just don’t have time.  We shall see.  For now, I continue on.  I think I just need a chance to really give it my all.  That is hard to do when you have 7 children and one that you travel so much with.

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