My Best Friend Forever is DigestZen

My Best Friend Forever is DigestZen.  It is the jam in my jelly roll.  The cheese to my cracker.  It is the be all and end all of my essential oils.  To add to its greatness, it comes in 3 different forms!

Everybody say HEY!

*Echo* HEY!


My Best Friend Forever is DigestZen
Like my yellow bowl? It has the BEST Loaded Dip in it and I’m snacking away! Recipe can be found on my blog.

Fun Factoid

I thought, moons ago when I first started in the oily life, that applying oils “neat” was the way to go.  You could get better results, so to speak.  Then, I used Oregano neat and burned the crap out of myself (it is a “hot” oil and not all oils are “hot”).  I thought diluting oils would weaken the oil itself and that I would have to use a ton to get the benefits.


Using an oil “neat” is all well and good BUT using it diluted is BETTER.  When you drop oil on your hand, it stays and absorbs in that spot.  Yes, you can rub it and let it extend a bit, but overall, it absorbs in that area.

When you dilute it, it has the same amazing benefits but it spreads to larger areas of your body.  Instead of it just helping your toe (neat), it can go (quite well) over your entire foot.  Just using that as an example.

General Rule

In a 10 ml roller bottle (pictured to the far left above), you would put 15 drops of your favorite oil or combination of oils.  Then, you would top off with a carrier oil.  Carrier oils can be olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) Shake and then roll on wherever you need it.

The foot is the best place to put any oils.  Down the spine or on the neck are good places too.  Temples for headaches…you get the picture.  I didn’t realize that.  Sadly, I would hoard and not use the oils I had because I didn’t want to run out.  Now, I know better.

Free Oils

By SIGNING UP to become a wholesale customer or a wellness advocate, you have the ability to have a monthly LRP order.  This order needs to be 125 PV (point value).  When you reach that PV, you AUTOMATICALLY get the free oil of the month.  If you place a 200 PV, then you get another incentive that ranges from oils to diffusers to rubs.

Also, monthly, there is usually a product that is featured (for April 2019) it is TriEase and that is 10% off.  Each oil that you purchase has a PV attached to it.  On the 15th of every month, you will be able to use these points to “buy” oils.  The trick to that is that you buy something inexpensive (there are DoTerra items that are like $6).  Then, you can use up all your points on whatever you want to use them for.

Building Up Stock

That is how I built up my stock.  By placing orders (my personal orders and then orders from other people) to reach 200 PV and getting the free oil of the month and then the free incentive.  Then, on the 15th of the month, I use my points to buy oils or stockpile my favorite oils.

By becoming a wholesale customer, you automatically save 25% off of all retail costs.  There is a $35 one time fee and then yearly, that fee moves to $25.  To avoid those fees, you can become an advocate (you don’t necessarily have to sell but it sort of just happens).  Either way…it is a good thing.

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