Things That BITE Lyme Disease

Things that Can Get You!

Things That BITE Lyme Disease.  They do not always carry Lyme, but they can. Lyme is not restricted to a deer tick! Although, I don’t remember being bitten so I couldn’t have Lyme, right?
Well, no…other insects can carry Lyme, can they?  Also, the most likely insect that carries Lyme is a tiny little deer tick.


Unless it was in an obvious spot, you wouldn’t have seen it and you may or may not have had a bulls-eye rash.  50% of people *never* see the bulls-eye.  You can be bitten and have no obvious symptoms for years.  How amazing is it that you can have all these symptoms and never know the root.

Educate yourself.  Do not settle for a diagnosis.  Also, do not assume that your doctor knows.  This is a scary thing but it is curable!

Things That BITE Lyme Disease

Things That BITE Lyme Disease:

Crohn’s, IBS, Colitis, Behcets

Lyme Disease Corkscrew Shaped Bacteria Burrows

Lyme and Schizophrenia

Attack Root Cause of Illness

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