Christmas Gift Ideas Essential Skin Care Line

I will be posting on different, affordable, ideas that you can use to help out with your Christmas list!

Today, I’m giving you the 411 on the Essential Skin Care Line.  In this case, prices vary, so if you are interested, you can head over to my doTerra Website.  Additionally, you can order directly from there OR you can email me at with any questions you might have or orders you want to place.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Clinically tested doTERRA Anti-Aging Eye Cream targets the signs of aging around the delicate eye area.  For example, it is helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from first use and over time.


Primary Benefits

  • Meadowfoam seed oil provides deep moisture
  • Biopolymers made from Pullulan and Red Algae Extract provide a noticeable tightening and lifting effect from the first use
  • Bakuchiol helps tone and tighten the skin, which helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps prevent future signs of aging


Anti-Aging Moisturizer

doTERRA Anti-Aging Moisturizer combines powerful essential oils with peptides and botanicals to target the visible signs of aging while moisturizing and softening skin.


Primary Benefits

  • Contains aqueous extract of dormant Summer Snowflake (Leucojum aestivum) bulbs to promote a clearer, more even skin tone
  • Contains ingredients that nourish the skin, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Olive Fruit Extract is specifically designed for moisturizing and overall skin care
  • Peptides help to firm and smooth skin, improving skin tone and texture.  As well as, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Brightening Gel

doTERRA Brightening Gel combines natural extracts and vitamins with innovative ingredient technologies coupled with CPTG essential oils to brighten and even skin tone.


Primary Benefits

  • Daisy Extract is a natural, skin-brightening agent that acts by promoting even skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots
  • Ginger Root Extract promotes even skin tone and radiant-looking skin
  • Vitamin C helps keep the skin looking youthful while providing skin-brightening benefits
  • Microencapsulation technology protects vitamin C from breakdown due to oxygen exposure.  By doing this, it is ensuring both the stability and efficient delivery of the vitamin to the skin


Facial Cleanser

Enriched with essential oils and natural cleansers, doTERRA Facial Cleanser helps your skin feel fresh, smooth, and clean.


Primary Benefits

  • Yucca Root Extract and Soapbark Extract are rich in saponins.  In the same way natural cleansers  clarify and soothe skin
  • Macadamia seed oil conditions the skin
  • Vitamin E supports healthy-looking skin
  • Sodium PCA is derived from proline, a natural amino acid, and acts as a humectant which helps retain skins natural moisture

Hydrating Cream

Saturated with emollient-rich ingredients and probiotics, doTERRA Hydrating Cream provides intense hydration and nourishment to the skin besides improving skin’s natural health and beauty.

Primary Benefits

  • Cocoa seed butter is a nutrient-rich emollient that helps keep skin hydrated in addition to acting as a conditioning agent
  • Lactococcus Ferment Lysate helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier, helping to promote overall skin health and a youthful appearance
  • Laminaria digitata (Oarweed) extract comes from algae rich in amino acids and polypeptides.  Furthermore,  it is combined with mugwort extract to soothe skin and calm the skin

Invigorating Scrub

doTERRA Invigorating Scrub gently exfoliates lifting away impurities, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and renewed.

Primary Benefits

  • The gentle exfoliating action comes from biodegradable Jojoba esters known for their moisturizing properties
  • Greater Burdock Extract helps purify and tone skin
  • Botanical and fruit extracts enhance the aromatic experience

Pore Reducing Toner

doTERRA Pore-Reducing Toner tones and balances skin.  In addition, it visibly reduces the appearance of pores and calming sensitive skin.

Primary Benefits

  • Aloe, watermelon, and apple extracts tone and balance the skin
  • Rich in oligosaccharides, Lentil Extracts increase skin hydration, reduce the appearance of oily skin, tone the skin, and visibly reduce the appearance of pores
  • Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that helps remove excess oil from the skin, as well as, reduces the appearance of pores

Tightening Serum

doTERRA Tightening Serum uses natural extracts and gums to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Coupled with leaving skin hydrated and feeling smooth.

Primary Benefits

  • Contains rhizobian and acacia gum which provides “lifting” benefits
  • Beech Tree Bud Extract tightens and smooths the appearance of skin
  • Perfluorodecalin rejuvenates skin as it helps improve skin renewal and elasticity
  • Betaine is a nature mimetic humectant that helps protect skin cells against dehydration

How to Get These Awesome Products

You can either buy these three separately (email me or check out my website for retail prices), on the other hand, you could buy the Essential Skin Care Line (all 8 products) for a crazy reduced price!
Seriously, by purchasing ALL 8  in the kit, you will be saving $60 if you are a retail customer. In addition, if you are a wholesale customer, it is even cheaper!  Crazy, I tell ya, crazy!
You can head on over to my How to Buy doTerra Essential Oils Page to see what plan suits you best.  Otherwise, you can just head over to my doTerra Website and place your purchase TODAY!

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