Help Without Medication doTerra Essential Oils

Help Without Medication doTerra Essential Oils

Help Without Medication started when I began going through my medicine cabinet.  I was astonished by what all I had hoarded.  That is a strong word, but it is the perfect word for what all I found.  Check on our Essential Oils Successes for the thoughts my family has about our “potions.”

Please know this is MY personal experience. I am not a doctor.  If you are sick PLEASE go see your Physician.

Be Wise:  Using Help Without Medication

Medications (cholesterol, high blood pressure, and occasionally meds for Meniere’s Disease) have been a part of my daily life since I was 19 years old and I still, faithfully, take them because that is my responsibility to take care of my body in an appropriate manner.  Be mindful, listen to your body, talk to your physician, and take your daily meds!

I had allergy meds, meds for constipation, sleep, inflammation, and so on and so forth.  Most were OLD meds that were EXPIRED!  Please be mindful of not keeping meds that are expired.  You can safely take expired meds to your local sheriff’s department so they can dispose of them properly.

Once I got rid of the old stuff, I reevaluated what I had left.  Allergy meds have never really worked, long-term for me.  They work for a little bit and then they magically stop.  I cannot take Benadryl because it makes me EVIL.  I mean it makes me (and the children) downright mean.  So, that one is off the table.  I decided to do something a little bit differently.


When my nose is runny, itchy, or stopped up my “go-to” is to get a tissue, fold it in half (longways) and then in half again.  I put a few drops of lemon, lavender, peppermint, Breathe, and Onguard on the tissue.  By sniffing on that, throughout the day, it unstops my nose, stops it from running, and prevents it from itching.  Game changer.

I also have a “master blend” of that mixture.  From that master blend, I place it on a pad and insert it in a necklace.  There have been days when I have rubbed it or my Breathe stick under my nose.  Also, placing it on my chest, feet, and wrists.  I carry this stuff.  It is my jam.  Just so I can further blow your mind…the lemon, lavender, and peppermint come in a softgel form.  Breathe also comes in the Touch form (prediluted roller bottle).


Belly Issues

Upset stomach…Digestzen for the win.  This is my favorite oil for any upset stomach or carsickness.  This has also eased diarrhea and constipation, as odd as that sounds.  I just rub this on my stomach and then I put it on my hands to inhale it.  Weird, but true story. This also comes in a Digestzen Touch form (prediluted roller bottle) and softgels (SHUT UP!)

Extra Precautions

Onguard helps with everything.  It comes in the liquid form to diffuse, rub on your hands, wrists, feet, and down your spine.  Also, it is provided in a Touch form, softgel, sanitizing mist (think germX only in spray form), mouthwash, and toothpaste.  You can fully protect your family or lessen an illness by being proactive.

Correct-X, think triple antibiotic ointment.  Yes, please.  Peppermint helps with headaches.  Again, this comes in a Touch bottle.  Lavender stops bleeding, is an antiseptic, and basically a powerhouse.  Oregano can help with warts.  Melaleuca stops itching from bug bites.  Copaiba is an anti-inflammatory and is basically gold in a bottle.  Frankincense helps in every aspect of life.

Other Things I Keep

There are so many other things.  I mix most of these oils with a carrier order and follow the dilution chart recommended.  Also, I mix in witch hazel when I need it, I have rubbing alcohol, and peroxide when it is called for in any particular situation.

If you want a detailed rundown of my doTerra Essential Oils First Aid kit for minor cuts, bruises, scrapes, etc.  Leave me a comment below and I will let you know.

How to Buy doTerra Oils at Retail

To buy any of the essential oils that I mentioned, you can head over to My doTerra Website and click on the SHOP tab.  From there, you can order whatever your hearts desire and it will be shipped directly to you.

How to Become a Wholesale Member

If you find that you are going to spend around $100, it would benefit you to become a Wholesale Member (these members do not sell the product.  They receive the benefits of getting 25% off of retail costs, plus if you get 125 PV (product volume, not cost), and you order before the 15th of every month you can receive the free product of the month, as well.

If you get 200 PV, you get another free product.  For the month of October, that product is a FREE car diffuser with 3-5 ml citrus oils! To do this, you will click on the “Become a Member” tab.  From there, you will click on “Wholesale Member”.  There is a fee of $35 that will give you all these great benefits for a year!

Each year after, you will have a reduced yearly fee of $25 plus a free bottle of oil.  You will then choose your region and your language.  Lastly, you will fill out your information, the oils you would like, shipping, and so on.

How to Become a Wellness Advocate

Now, if you are interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate, then that is fantastic.  You will continue to click on “Become a Member” and then you will click on “Wellness Advocate.”  By becoming a Wellness Advocate, doTerra waives the $35 fee!  You can also choose from any of the enrollment kits at a HUGE discount.  Once you become a Wellness Advocate for doTerra, you are eligible to receive commission :).

Medical Disclaimer


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