Guest Blogger Judy Nelson

Guest Blogger Judy Nelson

Guest Blogger Judy Nelson

Today, this blog comes to you my Guest Blogger Judy Nelson.  From time to time, I have people contact me in order to do write an article for my blog.


 How to inspire a child to study

When it comes to things concerning children’s education, a good number of parents will agree that it’s no easy task. Kids are naturally curious, savvy and very energetic. It requires a great deal of effort to steer them toward the right lifestyle. From simple courtesies to complex algebra – every parent’s joy is in seeing their children learning new, helpful things. Especially when the time comes to school excellence.
Pushing Towards Excellence
Usually, most kids can grasp subjects taught in school quite quickly. They find different ways and conditions that they use as school motivation – a pushing force towards excellence. However, some kids are smart but cannot find the right motivation for them. Or they experience setbacks understanding particular subjects. Such kids can feel discouraged and uninterested in school work.
What do we do as parents to help our kids when they struggle?
As a parent, you must guide your child towards his first successful steps in academics. In cooperation with their teachers, you must ensure that you create comfortable conditions for your kid to study. You should put them in the environment where they will quickly find study motivation. This can be achieved with the following set of tips.

Find your child’s muse.

The foremost essential thing is to understand what motivates your child to study. While words of encouragement work for some kids, little rewards as a sign of appreciation make others feel happy. Some children would study because they expect nice presents for good performance. Find out how to make your child more motivated towards studies and try to use it as much as possible.

Don’t rush.

Every child has an individual temp of studying. For instance, when you are going through a new phrase in a foreign language, don’t rush your kid through a sentence, like “Trabalho científico exclusive de profissionais” immediately. Start with individual words in this sentence, like ”exclusive” and then proceed to other words. You will eventually remember the sentence and kid wouldn’t feel that the studying is overwhelming. You also should be familiar with your child’s learning pace.

Create conducive surroundings.

Some kids tend to get art ideas when they are close to nature, while some get ideas for school assignments when surrounded by colorful things or cool background music. Some need to spend time in silence. Whichever way works for the kid, assist them in making it possible. In some cases, drawing for kids or hanging images around helps to hasten the understanding of a topic that they had difficulty grasping.

Encourage different learning methods.

In the previous tip, art for kids was highlighted as a useful stimulant. Here’s another method you could try: use a phenomenon called muscle memory. According to it, some children tend to remember details more when they do it by themselves. This can work for subjects like Biology where pupils need to draw life cycles of certain insects or skeleton of the human body.
Other children might find it easier to learn from watching videos or listening to audio lessons than reading. This is normal – the child should be comfortable enough to use any learning method that works best for him.

Let them take the lead.

When studying at home,  let your kid choose what they will review this day. Besides building a sense of responsibility, you are helping to boost their self-confidence. It would also help you to understand more clearly their areas of interest and subjects for understanding which they would need support. We always choose for them from their infanthood because we want to make things right. As they age, they might want to achieve in life something utterly different from what we planned out. We should give our kids chances to set topics for themselves, and encourage them on their path.

Be your child’s best friend.

How do you make your child open up about a math problem if there is no trust between you? Some kids might refrain from studying because they have no one close to help with intricate parts. Build a comfortable interactive space around you and your kid where you can share everything with each other. Feeling that mum or dad would be there to support a child can be a significant source of inspiration for them. Maintain a close bond with your children and create positive vibes around them. You would be surprised at how far they go.
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