Corraling The Chaos of a Large Family

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I do believe I may have found my tiny ship of order….at least for the time being.

I have a kids….I have a lot of kids…..I have extra kids…..I have male people liking a couple of my older kids….there are kids everywhere.

I don’t see myself as having a “mega” family because I don’t.  When I think of a “mega” family, I think of the Bates family or the Duggars.  I’m just a snowflake in a blizzard compared to those families.

I have 7 kids.  I have 2 bonus girls who come around.  I also have a son in law (ack) and a future son in law (double ack).  That’s it.

Just Big Daddy, me, Bug, Peach, Gigi, Boo, Catfish, Little Man, Zebra, Hannah, Morgie Loo, Eye Candy and Black Bart.  I don’t feed them all, everyday…on a max, I feed about 9 people a day…again, this is a small family, to me.

I do not believe in giving a kid a cellphone until they are 16 and driving.

Yes, I’m the oddball out and yes my kids have received backlash for my decision, but seriously…what does a 10 yr old need with a phone.  Granted, there are circumstances that require a younger child to have a cellphone (divorced situation, latch key kid, etc), but we are a 2 parent family and I’m always home.  My 11 yr old is not going to text me while he is in the bathroom needing toilet paper and I’m in the living room.  It is as simple as that.

All that being said, I have a daughter who is married…which yields me a son in law (gasp and sigh).  I have another daughter “eating cake” in a year…which yields me *another* son in law.  A son who works and a daughter who is old enough to have a phone, but lost that privilege (yes, if I’m paying for it a cellphone is a privilege not a right)….then there is me and Big Daddy.  Our schedules are nuts, especially with a medically fragile child and another child in a traveling baseball league.  I never know where everyone is at.  I forget to tell the kids about important doctors appointments. I always forget baseball (thankfully his coach sends a reminder text).  I forget appointments that are not in the realm of my medically fragile son and I’m getting older, so I just simply forget and the kids (and Big Daddy) are tired of telling me the same thing 500 times.  To the kids, however, the most important thing they want to know is what our menu for the week is and if they all want to come eat here.

I have *finally* found my saving grace.  I LOVE it.  The kids tolerate it and Big Daddy doesn’t pay attention…but it helps me and that’s what’s important 🙂  It is a SHARED calender called (so sad I have to look at the name because I forgot it) TimeTree.  It is free and it spans across iphones and android phones.  All you have to do the main person (me) has to set up the account and then I invite everyone else.  They accept the invite, download the app and we are good to go.  I have titled our calender as “Family Calender” because you can have other ones on there as well.

In this calender, we each have a color and our name (mine is Eagle Eye LOL).  We add to the calender all our appointments, work schedules, and mainly my menu.  If the kids see something they like, they text me and say they are coming for dinner.  Once a week, I give a kid a night and they choose the menu for me.  So, I’m guaranteed one night a week with all my kids.  They are thrilled and I’m thrilled I don’t have to figure out what to cook once a week 🙂  We add birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and our upcoming “cake eating” preparations days.

In my opinion….I freaking love it!

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