My Oak

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When I think of an oak tree……

I think of being little and standing next to the one in the yard.

It was *so* big around that I could not wrap my arms around it.

I think of looking up at it and seeing it touch the clouds.

I see the *giant* limbs standing firm in the wind, while the little limbs sway back and forth.

I see the beautiful leaves that protect me from the sun.

I see life living, with all the ants and critters crawling up the massive trunk of this tree.

I look down, and I am standing on the roots.

The roots are so big, that they are bulging out of the ground.

I follow the roots from the base of the tree, for as far as they reach.

I stand in awe of the beauty of this massive living thing that God created.

This mighty tree may bend, but it never breaks.

This oak provides shade in the summer

It loses its leaves in the fall…..old things pass away.

By the leaves dying….it allows the sun to shine through the branches and provide heat on a cold day.

In the spring, new life forms and it begins again.

The circles of life in this tree.

My favorite tree.

A tree of strength.

A tree of honor.

A tree of consistency.

A tree to lean on in hard times.

A tree that brings me joy at just the sight of it or the rustle of the leaves.

I would like to introduce to you……my Oak Tree


Thank you, Mama

For loving me without abandon.

For giving me solid roots.

For being that big, sturdy branch, while I flopped around in the wind.

For leading me to Christ through your faithfulness in your walk.

For leading me back to Christ when I wandered off and got lost.

For loving my husband and my children.

For never judging.

For showing me love when I was unlovable.

For teaching me values.

For standing up for me.

For rescuing me.

For rocking me.

For baking with me.

For your fried chicken, mashed potates, macaroni & cheese, green beans & potatoes, and lima beans.

For being a living, breathing example of a Proverbs 31 woman.

You, my sweet Martha…..are my Oak Tree.

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