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Moving and Shaking


Superheroes from all my friends at home

I’m in the process of shifting all of Hunter’s OMS related blog posts and videos to CaringBridge. If you are interested in following our journey, you can go to Hunter Crum OMS Warrior at

CaringBridge will allow me to keep all of his stuff in one spot.  I can add photos and videos and work on fundraising for a mobility dog, as well.  It is just easier for me since this condition is SO rare and specific.

Please head on over there and enjoy the cutie pictures I have up of him.  I’m slowly working on copying/pasting my OMS related blog posts to that site.

Also, for this blog….I’m changing things up again.  Not big changes, but ones that I think will benefit me and my readers.  I will be putting together an email list and I hope to have more giveaways, an ebook cookbook, and some other fun ideas.

If there is anything anyone wants focused on, in this blog, please let me know in the comments or you can email at




Frugal living?



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