Early Spring Cleaning

Brown Wooden Floor


This past Saturday, we had NOTHING to do.

Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.

It was glorious.

I slept in, considering I didn’t sleep much, I still slept in.

Once I was up…we were all moving and grooving.

We got all the beds stripped, all the bedding and blankets washed, lots of febreze (well, a homemade essential oil type febreze) and did massive loads of laundry.

We dusted every piece of furniture, picture, and knick knack we own (using another DIY furniture cleaner essential oil recipe).

Swept and mopped all floors.

Vacuumed all stairs, carpet, and furniture.

Deep cleaned bedrooms.

Collected all garbage.

Cleaned baseboards.

Deep cleaned all our kitchen chairs and barstools.

Organized the movies.

Cleaned out the school closet, the game closet, and the toy closet.

Attacked the appliances.

Organized the fridge and pantry.

Deep cleaned the bathrooms, the closets, and under the sinks.

Wiped down all the doors, door knobs, and light switches.

Supper cooked.

Kids bathed.

Fingernails clipped.

I will post all of my essential oil cleaning recipes tomorrow….for now, I shall sit in my bed, watching Justified, and drink my coke.

I feel like I’ve done well today….mentally, physically, emotionally, and cleaning wise 🙂

Cleaning soothes my soul.


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