Happy 4th Birthday, Hunter & 5th Birthday Jack

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This is one of my favorite pictures.  On the left is Hunter, as a newborn.  Today he is 4 yrs old!

He is my zebra.

He is my joy.

He is my last baby and he is Paige’s last baby.

He loves superheros.

He loves asparagus.

He loves Caesar salad.

He is a fighter.

In the middle is my other baby, Paige….she gave birth to these sweet boys.

On the right is my favorite red head, Jackson.  He turned 5 a few days earlier.

He is a BRUTE of a boy.

He LOVES to be outside.

He loves his Papaw.

He loves tractors.

He has the sweetest laugh.

He is loved beyond measure.

Happy Birthday, boys!


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