Recognizing and Embracing my Triggers

There are certain things I will not do/watch/hear/etc because I know that they can be a trigger for me.

I struggle with depression/anxiety (I have many posts on this) and I know what can affect me.

Movies where people die.

TV shows that are emotionally charged (I may be the only person to refuse to watch This Is Us)

Uber sad songs.

I won’t read anything that has to do with someone taking their own life or tragedies that happen around the world…..I don’t even watch movies with Robin Williams or other celebrities who have died by suicide or freak accidents).

I have taken FB and instagram off my phone because we have recently had a HORRIFIC event happen at our local school.  This brought back memories of another HORRIFIC school shooting in my hometown.  A school that I graduated from….with kids whom I knew…my daddy was a first responder.  I can’t even look at a newsfeed or read an article because it affects me so terribly.

I don’t keep photos up of those whom have passed away.  It hurts to look at them sometimes and can send me down a dark path.  I have one picture of my Lady and me on my mantle.

If I keepsakes from someone (like my grandparents, or my Lady, etc), I do not display them around the house.  I take that back…I do have some of my granny’s dishes that I still use.  They make me smile, most days.  I keep them on in a keepsake chest my daddy made years ago.

I do not watch war movies.  Ever.

My point is… I know what affects me.  I am completely aware.  I don’t want to be rude by not knowing about something, or not watching something (my sister would LOVE for me to watch This is Us because it does such a good job on the ins and outs of adoption).  I struggle enough with my emotions without doing something that makes it worse.

I hope you know your triggers.  I hope you embrace them and become a student of whatever it is that you have whether it be depression, anxiety, PMS, ADHD, etc.  Do/watch/read things that bring you joy, not bring you down.

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