Beads of Courage

While I was roaming the halls, during Hunter’s hospital stay, I tend to look at/read every single thing on the walls.  Whether it is the name on someone’s office, the photos/drawings on the wall, or the bulletin board.  I read everything.  Mainly because I’m overly exhausted, my body hurts from being in 1 position for 2 days, and I’m bored out of my mind.

This time, I was reading the bulletin board.  My heart was breaking a bit because we were in the cancer ward, though Hunter does not have cancer (well, we are waiting on test results), he was still getting chemo…therefore, that’s where we were.

I saw a flyer for Beads of Courage.  I had heard of them a few years ago, but sort of lost track of that thought until I saw the flyer.  I went online (linked in the blue) to see what they were about and if I could buy them for Hunter.  I could not quite figure it all out (sleep deprivation and brain not functioning well was the culprit).  I did, however, find the list of what colors correspond with what beads.

Official list for Beads of Courage


I asked the nurse, when she came in, what they were for and how much it would cost if I were to buy them.  She smiled and said she would have someone come up to our room and talk to us about it.  What I found out is that Hunter was able to get his beads based on his condition (our hospital reserves beads of courage for those with cancer or chronically ill).  We went down the list and together, we figured out how many beads of each color he would have.  They also put his name on them.  She is mailing us the beads (will post a pic when they come), and we will add to it every time we go to the dr or the hospital.  This program enables kids with life altering conditions to own what is going on in their bodies and to attach a color to a procedure.  It helps them (an us) become a student of their conditions so they can own it and explain it to others, as they grow.

He is 3 (almost 4) and he will love to have these and be able to take them to the hospital and get more beads.  We will be hauling this and our Buzzy Bee to all future visits and stays.

Check out their website.  You can donate money towards these beads, as well.  It is an awesome program for kids who fight every day to maintain.

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