Buzzy Mini Shotblocker

Buzzy® Mini Healthcare

I am in love with this Buzzy Mini Shotblocker (also comes in a Ladybug) that I found on the FSA Store website.  It is half the price of the one on the Buzzy Website.

Hunter has to have daily shots for his condition.  This is not a quick type of shot….it is very thick, almost like gel, and it burns when he gets it.  Plus, he is 3, so giving a 3 yr old a daily shot in his thigh….I thought nothing would make that better.

He has such PTSD when it comes to ANY blood draws, IVs, shots, finger pricks…anything.  He can’t even hardly handle seeing a box of bandaids or the sound of a gloves snapping on a persons hands when they put them on.

Then….there was Jesus.

I was scanning through this website because Big Daddy had a flex card that we needed to use.  I had no idea this website (listed above) even existed, so I had fun just scrolling through things.  We bought a new thermometer that does not even require us to touch his head, a new blood pressure cuff, and some bandaids, as well as, a TENS machine.  Then, I found Buzzy.  My thought process is that it may not work, but what if it does.  So, we ordered it.

We got it in the mail yesterday, luckily, before his daily shot.  The wings have to be frozen, so we threw those in the freezer while I got his shot stuff ready.  We got Buzzy out and he has a button on his head that vibrates.  Almost feels like a massage machine.  The instructions said that you put the frozen wings on his back and put it on the injection site for 60 seconds (because this is a deep shot….if it was a finger prick or something, you leave it on for 30 seconds) and then you push the button to make it vibrate.

Once your time is up, you slightly move Buzzy up, so the cold is still there and the buzzing is still going on.  One of my kids distracted Hunter while I was rubbing the plunger end on his leg to see if he could feel it.  He didn’t move.  Before you know it, I had inserted and injected the meds and he was clueless.  Once I was done, I used the alcohol pad on the site and then put Buzzy back over it to massage the area out so there is little knots or bruising.

Mission accomplished.

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