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Eating healthy and exercising is a pain in my butt.  I do not like it.  I have a friend, whose them last year, was 40 and fit.  She looks amazing.  She is not “skinny” because it is not about skinny (actually she is LOL), but she is STRONG.  She is strong in mind and in body.  She is eating right and exercising.  She did have a “cheat” day once a month, I think and the first time, she was *so* excited, but the food did not taste good and it left her stomach churning.  She quickly discovered that her body had acclimated to her healthier lifestyle.  Her idea of “wild” now is stevia LOL.

I would watch her instagram and facebooks posts…look at her pictures and think that she was doing an excellent job but I have no drive.  I really like my coke.  Then, strangely enough, my taste buds started changing.  It irritated me.  I still love pasta, but it is not my go too anymore.  I LOVED chocolate…now I can’t hardly have a bite without it being too sweet.  I crave water.  I stopped making bread.  I now crave salad and asparagus.  It is so irritating.

My husband and a couple of my kids have been going to the gym, so I started back there.  I did so, not to necessarily lose weight (though that would be awesome), I did so because I get winded walking up my stairs.  I can’t hardly pack Hunter and with his condition, he needs to be packed a lot.  Rough housing with my kids meant my heart started beating fast and I couldn’t catch my breathe.  Add that into my daughter’s wedding and my niece’s wedding…….it is more than a trifeca to get some strength back and to shed a little bit (or a lot) of weight.

It helps that I have a husband that is doing it with me and I have kids willing to try my crazy recipes.  They are encouraging when I want to give up and I hope that I am showing them that you are never too old to start over or to begin something new.  We shall see how long I can persevere.  I hope this can be the start of a healthier lifestyle.

We shall see.

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