Week 1 & 27 Grocery List

Its a new year and a new me (don’t we say this every single year)!  I’m excited.  Last year sucked….this year I am channeling new beginnings, new health goals, working towards a debt free life, watching my son attain remission, planning a wedding, and lots of other things!  I worked through, during my depression last year, a WEEKLY MEAL PLAN on Pinterest.  It is going to take the guess work out of my meal planning.  I will make some changes throughout some weeks and that is okay.  I’m not that rigid in my schedule, but at least I have the option to have my weeks done.  As I go through a week, I will post the meal plan and I will post a complete grocery list.  That way, I can use my Evernote to capture this page and send the list to Big Daddy, as he does most of the grocery shopping.  He doesn’t care for me doing it 🙂  Bear in mind, I will NOT be adding any meats (aside from chicken) because we buy our meat (pork and beef) once a year.  We always have that on hand, plan wisely.  So, here we go!


WEEK 1 & 27

Pizza crust, pizza sauce, 2 cans mushrooms, pepperoni, parmesan, mozzarella, 5 frozen pizzas, 2 extra frozen pizzas for Sunday

Hamburger buns, hot dogs, slice cheese, mustard, ketchup, fries, pickles, mayonnaise

Chicken bouillon, Onion, velveeta, Italian Seasoning, Potatoes, Basil, Italian Seasoning, Oregano, butter, all purpose flour, milk, sour cream

Beef bouillon, 2 cans tomatoes & chilies, chili seasoning, cumin, 2 cans kidney beans, 2 cans black beans, salsa, minced garlic,  sour cream, cream cheese

Spaghetti Squash (possibly 2 for my family), 2 bacon, eggs, premade Caesar salad, french bread

Feta, green onions, fresh mushrooms, olive oil, Lima beans, baked potatoes

Asiago, chicken, lipton onion soup mix, asparagus, broccoli, panko




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