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Wanna Be Humbled???

Have your husband and kids answer these questions:


Want me to Change Want do you want me to do for me Want me to do for you Your Goals
Bart -Put Clothes Right Side in.

-Shut the bathroom closet door

-Lose weight

-Be healthier

-Make his lunches

-Programs for Hunter

-Get healthier

-Stop yelling

-Diligent with faith

-Drink more water

-Golf a little more

-Get out of debt

Victoria -Stop laughing when I cry  -Take care of yourself more

-Take time

-Eat Cake

-Focus on career

-Get out of debt

-Meet with pastor regularly


Alyssa -Stop biting nails

-Stop peeling skin and putting it on her

-Write a book -Lose Weight

-Get a job

-Be on time for job


Grayce -Lose Weight

-Read Bible more

-Control anger

-Control facial expressions

-Work on relationships

-Be more positive

Noah -Pitch in for a laptop



-Doing better in school

-Staying phone during school hours

-Doing things that need to be done without being asked of you.

-Stop disrespecting dad

Daniel -Go to the library -Be good so he can do track

-Not to lie

-Not to cheat

-Not to steal

-Do better in school

Jude -No pinching


-Not to lie

-Not to steal

-Better at school


My Goals:

Date once a month

Chiropractor visits

Get teeth fixed

Massages once a month

Gym regularly

Blog more



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