How to Create Traditions for Your Children to Carry on

How to Create Traditions for Your Children to Carry on

Do your children need family traditions devoted to the Christmas celebration? If yes, should you just copy the family tradition you have had with your parents or create completely new family culture? These questions are very important for the young parents, who are just discovering this new social status. Children are pretty sensitive to the family traditions, because, in most cases, these rituals indicate the fact that everything goes well inside. Children fancy creating Christmas wishes, waiting for the Christmas Eve presents and decorating Christmas tree.

How to Create Your Own Tradition?

Christmas is one of the most powerful rituals that is celebrated all over the world. On December, we can see the signs and attributes of this holiday everywhere. Usually, parents, in order to give their children festive feeling, assimilate common traditions, sometimes giving them a completely fresh look. And it works. Thus, let us consider the components of good family Christmas ideas, which can help you to create your own ones:

  • Individuality

Look at something that makes your family be different, your own preferences and taste, thus create rituals, which your children and you will like. How to do this? For instance, if you are a skeptic and have never believed in Santa Claus, why not to tell your children that this is a fairy-tale character? You can even tell them that they will be praised with presents each year if they have a good academic success all year round, and that will be a great stimulus for them.

  • Predictability

Usually, traditions are tied to the concrete date and have a definite structure. It may seem boring at first glance, but if you are aware of the sequence of actions to take, this will help you to remain valid and calm in a very bustling period of time. Thus, if you know that Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December, this won’t change, and you will be prepared for it.

  • Simplicity

You do not need to create something extraordinary. You’d better think of how rituals can bring pleasure and even help with a daily routine. Of course, if you can’t cope with all your child’s homework, online assignment writing help is here. But if your child is shopaholic like you are, why not organizing a festive sprint along shopping mall in search of presents and positive memories? This will help to become best friends with your kid.

  • Flexibility

The life is very unpredictable, thus traditions can also change. Do not be afraid of changes, thus if your child is already a teenager, there is no need for your husband to dress up as a Santa Claus this year. This can be quite strange. Try to create a new version of this, you can even make your child dress in this costume. Everything depends on you.

  • Unity

From the psychological view, traditions are something that unites a family. They are common rules, instructions on how to behave on special occasions as well as things that differentiate one generation from another. It is a family component that makes it integral and full. Moreover, traditions are things that repeat each year/month, that is why they help you not to get lost and offer already existed solution on a repeated situation.

  • Choosing what you like

People tend to create schedules of their lives, but sometimes something goes wrong and new questions appear. Should your children go to the Christmas party? How late should your kid go to bed? Is it okay if your child what to have a party with his friends? Nobody can help you answer these questions, but traditions  really can. They may assist you in defining the peculiarities of your closest, that is why the main goal of Christmas traditions is choosing what you really like doing. Moreover, it is only you, who can decide which tree to decorate: Christmas one or a palm.

Family holidays are an ideal time to establish your own family traditions, thus you should think wisely when creating them as they are a guideline for your children life adaptation and indicators of the family wellness. Traditions are the main indicator of children development, and they will be a source of their own rituals in future. Children are a reflection of ourselves, thus we can really influence them. What is more, in future they will be transformed into good memories, which we recall constantly, thus choose the ones that only bring pleasure and love to your family.






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