15 Activities Ideas for all Family

15 Activities Ideas for all Family on Christmas Holiday

The Christmas holiday is a day everybody looks forward to, regardless of one’s age, religious belief or profession. It’s not just about it being a work-free day, but also about the activity, families plan and engages in on that day. In the vast majority of western countries, for example, it is a tradition in most families to exchange gifts with themselves. In most cases, the children get what they’ve always wanted from their parents, while adults also give themselves treat. Christmas activities help to build a stronger family. This article focuses on some of the family Christmas ideas and activities you can enjoy this upcoming Christmas holiday.

  1. Poke-the-tree

This is one of my favorite Christmas activities for kids. This is a game idea in which gifts are hidden in paper cups and then arranged in the shape of a tree on the wall. The kids are invited to poke the cups randomly and getting presents. The gifts can range from candies, a paper bearing the name of a gift, money, teddy bears, dolls, and even small toys. Materials needed to make include colored plastic cups, stapler, pencil, rubber bands, and whiteboard.

  • Cut out the round shape from a colored paper (it should be bigger than the diameter of the cup you intend using).
  • Put the gift in the cup.
  • Cover the cup with the round shape you’ve cut out.
  • Seal the cup using a rubber band tied tightly around it.
  • Now put some adhesive on the bottom of the cup.
  • Attach to the whiteboard.
  • Do this as many times as possible, until a tree pattern is formed on the wall.
  • Done! Invite the kids to have a go at it. Some background music would make it more fun.


  1. Watching movies: This is one of the cheapest family Christmas ideas. It is best for parents whose kids are above five years old. Each member of the family should write down the movie they’re anticipating to watch on the piece of paper. However, the movies should be suitable and interesting for everyone involved. Put all the pieces of paper with movie titles into a hat or a big bowl, shake it up, and let someone to pick one sheet. All the family members should watch that Christmas movie and then discuss ita. Buckets of popcorn and warming drinks should be readily available.
  2. Design the Christmas tree together with your children: Christmas for families should actively involve all the members. It is fun decorating your home with the help of your kids. They like to assist especially with the tree, as it is the biggest attraction in the house. However, parents sometimes get worried that they might not achieve the perfect look they want if their kids partake in the process. There are ways to go about this and still achieve your desired tree, without your kids feeling left out of the fun family Christmas.
  • You should set it up when your kids are not available, preferably when they are asleep.
  • Do the most complex work, such as setting up the lights or putting on the fragile elements.
  • Invite them to decorate the tree with you. Their job would be to add ornaments to the already set up tree.
  • You can do final touch-ups and remove the mess (if any) when your kids are not around.
  1. Create a new tradition: You can have conversations with your family, about what they plan to achieve before the next Christmas. Take it a step further by writing down these goals, and putting them in a vault. It should not be opened until the next New Year. This would encourage a planning culture and discipline in the kids. It’s never too early to start instilling these virtues.

Other fun holiday ideas include:

  1. Building a snowman.
  2. Taking a trip downtown and taking pictures with Christmas lights in the background.
  3. Getting everyone involved in making the special meal.
  4. Carol singing.
  5. Travelling abroad or throughout the country to mountains.
  6. Visit the orphanage and have your kids donate gifts to them.
  7. Beautifying the house. Every member of the family should participate.
  8. Wrapping gifts together.
  9. Throwing a Christmas party.
  10. Playing snowballs.
  11. Preparing a hot chocolate with marshmallows and drinking it next to a fireplace (or just on a couch altogether).

Partaking in any of these activities would make it a fun Christmas for your children.


Paul Calderon is a professional teacher and a freelance writer at https://essayontime.com.au/  He has a Master’s degree in the English language, which he got from the University of Ohio. Paul has also completed a course in German and has been teaching international students online. His hobbies are football, fishing, painting, and photography.

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