Guest Blogger Jayna Her Story of Adoption

Meet my friend, Jayna.  She has been married to Jimbo for 28 years and together they have a beautiful daughter, in heaven, Torri Dean. We met eons ago, at church.  This couple struck me because Jayna is t-tiny and Jimbo is not so much….and then there was Torri….a daddy’s girl with her mom’s big smile.  Sweet memories of long ago and I’m blessed to still be friends with them, today.  Her story is from the flip side.  She was adopted, as a baby and has also found, and formed a relationship, with her biological family.  Maybe she will guest blog again and continue her story….but for now….

Meet my Guest Blogger Jayna Her Story of Adoption.  I’ve never posted anything on a blog. However, I️ believe my story is not only unique but beautiful & I️ do love to share it.
Back in the ’70s
In 1970, adoption wasn’t near as popular as it is now. Sorry, but popular was the only word I️ thought fit…I️ realize some may not like it, but it’s my story (haha). The couple who adopted me, from a children’s home in Louisville, KY, had already adopted a little boy from Cincinnati, OH 3 years earlier.  They named him Mike. This couple, James & Ann, had a son in the late ’60s who died at only 3 months of age from genetic abnormalities. When the tragedy of losing their son, Joseph, happened they knew they couldn’t face such a tragedy again & adoption would be their way of creating a family of their own.
Fast Forward


Fast forward to June 1972. This amazing couple who adopted a boy then a girl were a family. Mike & Jayna (that’s me) were their children & they, in turn, were our mom & dad. No blood biologically needed for any of us. However, Mike, our mom & I were in a car accident & our mom, Ann died. I️ have to take a minute to talk about our dad. He & Ann (who was 28 years old) had been married for 10 years. He had buried his son & now he would be burying his wife.
Yes tragic, but also now have the responsibility of taking care of a 5-year-old & 2 years old……without his wife. I’m sure this was almost more than he could take. I’m sure my dad questioned God about how & why. Not only questioning her death but the decision to adopt us.  But God…..don’t you love that saying?
Yes God……sent us all such a blessing when my dad met Shelda.
They married in May 1974 & Shelda became our mom. Can you imagine? She must have really loved our dad to marry him with 2 children who weren’t even his biologically!! And did I️ mention she had no children? Talk about being thrown to the wolves!! Becoming a wife is hard, but becoming a mom & wife at the same time….that could be tragic! (I’m kidding no one get offended by that okay?)
A Beautiful family
This mom. Shelda had such a beautiful family also & we got a new set of grandparents, aunts & uncles.  Everyone loved us the same as the grandchildren born biologically into the family. Heck! They even loved us the same as the ones they had loved since birth & they didn’t meet us until we were 3 & 6 years of age.  Don’t get me wrong, we were already extremely loved by so many & our dad’s side of the family was crazy in love with us too, so we weren’t lacking in the love & attention category!!
Can I️ throw another piece into this story?
My mom & dad were able to have a son biologically in 1976. His name is Billy.  So there we were, a family. A family that had been placed together by love & what I believe to be Gods sovereign plan. A plan no one could have come up with on their own. We are a family not biologically because our parents have 3 children & none of us have the same mom & dad (biologically). Let me tell you though, WE HAVE THE SAME MOM & DAD. We are brothers & sister. We love each other so much & I️ am beyond grateful for my family.
Finding My Biological Parents
Yes, when I️ was 21 yrs old, I️ found my biological parents & that’s too long for me to share, but I️ love them & respect their decision. I’m ever so grateful for their decision to put me up for adoption. I’m ever so grateful to be raised in a home that I️ never questioned if I️ was loved.  If you see me out with my parents and/or my brothers, you’ll NEVER hear us say the word “step.”  I️ don’t believe in that word. I️ won’t use that word. They are my parents & they are my brothers. We are a family.

Guest Blogger Jayna Her Story of AdoptionGuest Blogger Jayna Her Story of AdoptionGuest Blogger Jayna Her Story of AdoptionGuest Blogger Jayna Her Story of Adoption


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