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Out of the Mouth of Babes

Meet Grayce (16), Daniel (13), and Jude (11)….Grayce and Daniel were 6 and 2 1/2 when they moved in with us.  We adopted them from the foster care system.  Jude, we adopted at 4 and brought him home at 5 from Ethiopia.  Hunter (3) is actually my great nephew.  This is verbatim what they wrote about their experience.  This is spelling errors, bad grammar and all LOL


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Grayce (RAD, PTSD, ADD, PMDD, FASD, and realizing her AWESOMENESS)

I think adoption is a neat thing.  It gives kids hope.  I moved in with my adoptive parents at the age of 6 and was legally adopted at the age of 9.  Adoption can also be a scary thing, mainly for the kid.  They may be used to a certain environment then suddenly they are in a new place with new people.

When I was adopted it was scary at first.  Even though I wasn’t with my biological mother I was with another family that I was used to being around.  There is no telling how long it will take a kid to adapt.  I guess it depends on all that the kid has been through.

But their are some positive things about adoption you get a family that wants you, who cares for you.  After all they CHOSE YOU out of tons of kids.  You get all of your basic needs met and maybe some wants to.

The past may be hard to forget but we can choose to make our future a better one.  If I hadn’t been adopted, I would really be struggling.  Living with a mom who didn’t really care what I did and would let me do anything I desired.  I could be addicted to drugs and alcohol at a young age or pregnant like my birth mom.  But luckily someone saw that I could be something more than what I had grown up to be and adopted me.  They saw more in me than I did.  And I can never repay them for it.

Adoption is a gift from God.  Romans 8:15 says “For you did not receive a spirit of slavery, to fall back into fear, but you received a spirit of adoption, by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father!”

Adoption can save lives.



Daniel (ADD, PTSD, RAD, FASD, Dyslexia, Low Functioning, Brain Damage, Developmental Delays, and AWESOME)

Dear readers, I’m going to tell about my life.  As a boy do not remember much of the past but if I was not abopted my mother could not take care of my need and health.  I was all ways sick untill my new mothe and father got me and adopted me.  I got new mother who cared for me and a new father and brothers and sisters who loved me with every breath they have, and taugh me new things and how to love God.  And though they love more my other family that did mean things to me and I’v learned to forgive them but they still loved me the only way they could, and I loved them sure the life was rough and hard but I had a new chapter to start.


Jude (Developmental Delays, Single Sided Deafness, and always knew his tendency towards AWESOME)

I remember giving the people in ethiopia candy and how I sat down i nthe living room and wached them make coffe and when I was abopted I was five years old and that was when I met my new family I have three brothers and three sisters and a mom and dad if I was never aboted I wouldn’t have never experinced playing and sports or making new friends or seeing new places I like it here because I can experince new things and how my brothers taught me new things and how to play other games and how they helped me with stuff and I remember not liking the airplains water and how I remember puking in the van.


Hunter (Developmental Delays, Oposoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome, and never knew he wasn’t AWESOME)

Me:  Hunter, did you know you were adopted?

Hunter:  Uh huh

Me:  What is your mama’s name?

Hunter:  I don’t know.

Me:  Do you love being adopted?

Hunter:  Yes.

Me:  Who sends you letters in the mail?

Hunter:  Mama Paige.

Me:   Who are your brothers and sisters?

Hunter:  Karen, Bro-man

**Karen is our cat and Bro-man is Jude….he also has Victoria, Alyssa, Grayce, and Kaleigh.  Brothers are Noah, Daniel, Jude, and Jack**

Me:  Where does Kaleigh and Jackie live?

Hunter: In my room.

Me:  Do you love MaMaw so much?

Hunter:  Yes.

Me:  What about PaPaw?

Hunter:  Yes

Me:  Anything else you want to say?

Hunter:  I am wearing Superman underwear.

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