Guest Blogger Stacy and Her Adoption Story

Meet my friend, Stacy.  Guest Blogger Stacy and Her Adoption Story.  She has been married to Tim for 19 yrs and they are the proud parents of Kaleb.  She and her husband met my son before I did 🙂  Our boys knew each other in Ethiopia.  

We found out after 9 years of marriage that we would be unable to conceive. We got a few opinions and then tried in-vitro fertilization. That didn’t take and we were crushed. 😞 What were we going to do?? We mulled over some of the options…surrogacy, foster care, foster to adopt, re-implant of another set of embryos, adoption….We finally decided to embark on the journey of adoption.  Our adoption journey began February 2010.

Original Ideals Versus What God Wanted

We had originally set out to adopt a sibling group, but we were eventually told that they didn’t have any, nor did they know when one would be available, and would we consider adopting just 1 child. We did just that and amazingly enough, they had a referral for us within days. Did they have it planned this way for a while?…we will never know.

Fast forward to April 2011, that is the night we got the call from Lesley @ Arise/Lifeline Adoptions. They had a possible match for us…she sent us an email with a profile attached…she told us to go immediately to page 2…there it was, a picture of a sweet little boy who was smiling from ear to ear. She wouldn’t let us answer that night, she wanted us to think about it, pray about it, and give her an answer the next morning.
Flying to Ethiopia
Well, the next morning couldn’t come soon enough…How could we say “no”?!?! We waited on pins and needles wondering when the next call would come in.  All of a sudden, things were starting to happen. We flew to Ethiopia Father’s Day, June 19th, 2011.  Amazingly, we weren’t supposed to meet him that day, but extenuating circumstances ended up making that happen.
Fly Home.  Fly Back.
We were there almost 1 full week that first time.  We met him on Father’s Day 2011, got word that we were approved by M.O.W.A. (Ministry of Women’s Affairs) on our 13th wedding anniversary, and flew back to get him “Labor” Day weekend. He became a US Citizen on 9.10.11.
Shared Experiences with Others
We weren’t alone, though, we had other families there at the same time. It’s really neat how, with technology these days, you can stay connected with people you meet half a world away as strangers and live in totally separate parts of the country. We made 2 trips to Ethiopia that summer. The first to meet our son and the second to bring him home to his forever family.
Every year around his Citizenship Anniversary we try to go to an Authentic Ethiopian restaurant. He loves it!! That is one thing he hasn’t lost…his love for Ethiopian Food. 🙂 ❤ Even mom, who has been told she is a “bland Norwegian” had expanded her horizons and gotten more daring at trying different foods. 😉
What He is Like Today
It has been a whirlwind tour since bringing our son home just over 6 years ago…When he first came to the US, he didn’t know hardly any English. You can hardly tell that now, however. We would like to connect with or find out where to learn the Amharic Language again. After all, it IS part of his heritage. He has grown so much since we brought him home. When he moved in with us, he was wearing size 2T clothing at the age of 4. Now, he is now 10 and is growing like a weed. 🙂
He has excelled at sports, with Basketball, Baseball & now Football among his favorites. He is well-liked at school, church families, and sports families. It’s not always easy…some days are struggles to stay focused on getting homework done.  Also, going to bed timely and basically getting him to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Seems like it is always “just a minute”, or “after this”. It’s not always easy, but then again, what great things in life are always easy??
It’s a labor of Love.❤ It takes a village sometimes and we have that “village” with family, church family, school family, and friends.  We chose to expand our family through adoption and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. All of God’s children have a place in the world. Adoption is one way to expand upon that.

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